US Based Southern Power management firm gets robbed of $7 million and not even the Americans say a word at BEC!?


What has the Bahamas descended to?

Pam Hill – CEO at BPL

Was the investigation into the Accounts Department at BPL shelved?

Nassau, Bahamas – There is a lot of back and forth about who and what is corrupt in the Bahamas. The term is loosely used, if you ask us. And, for the most part in the last few months, the claims have been levied against members of the former government.

Now this is sad because, in our opinion, the country is rudderless. Going absolutely nowhere; in a time when every energy and resource must be used in trying to move the country forward.

But how could we move forward when crime is spiraling out of control, unemployment is on the rise. There is little to no new development happening, and yet all our present leaders can do to address these pressing issues is to turn the state’s institutions against the former government? What is that!?

If we are going to present a transparent, accountable government, then let us forge ahead in fixing what we now face! BEC, for example, cannot supply the country with a stable affordable energy supply. In Abaco right now relying on BEC is like waiting for the devil to become a saint! It is not happening.

More than $7million has vanished from the accounts department of the corporation and not even the American partners at Southern know how that occurred. Who is watching the shop?

In fact, we are shocked to note that while the Americans have not had much to say about the Bahamas having the need to support its US based company in the management services at BEC; nothing! Absolutely nothing has been attributed to them on the fact that millions have vanished out of the company; where the management team they suggested we hire has been fleeced! What is this?

These are trying times, times where crimes of FACTS are being discovered at places like BEC/BPL and nothing is being done. And then, on the other hand, we have third hand rumours being fanned in the direction of the police and, on some witch-hunt directed out of the Cabinet of the Bahamas against political opponents, producing, so far, three political prisoners and Bahamians just sit back and say nothing!

We are better than this! Look how we are about to reduce our shining state into a pack of political jackals and political jackasses!

All we at BP says is this: What’s NEXT!

We report yinner decide!