VAT is already creating a culture where the power of shopping is being placed back in the hands of the consumer…


VAT PSA 17 from King Of Hearts Media on Vimeo.


Dear Editor,

While a great number of businesses are now ready for VAT, the transition already appears to be smooth. A browse this week discovered a Harbour Bay store that appears to be assisting customers already with how pricing adjustments will look come January 1st.

This is what responsible/compliant businesses are doing to make sure that the public is educated on what the transitions will be and how VAT will be presented when introduced.

I must say I am very pleased to see how the display in pricing leaves nothing to be questioned. This is how pricing should be. There have been many occasions in the past where I have visited some stores in New Providence and no prices were displayed on items.

The new tax regime appears to already be creating a culture which will educate us Bahamians on what is the cost even before we make purchases. This is what I call giving power back to the people.


Carol Bethell

PSA 18 from King Of Hearts Media on Vimeo.