Vigilante Justice on the rise – Both relatives taken down at Potter’s Cay and White’s Addition are alleged to be members of a snatch and grab gold chain ring…


Bahamians will not allow criminals to overrun the country!

Omar Wendall Joe Moxey aka OLDzzzzzz was shot dead at Potter's Cay Saturday. His brother was gunned down around 1:30am today.

Nassau, Bahamas — We now have a breaking news update following that series of murders over the weekend and BP can report criminals are being gunned down to the credit of civilians…

BP teams on the ground can confirm the Potter’s Cay Dock shooting was the response by a citizen after the St. James Road Gold Chain snatchers approached the citizen – who then lit up the three bandits, killing lead Gold Snatcher Omar Wendall Joe Moxey aka OLDzzzzzz dead!

Now get this – Omar, along with his two accomplices who were showered with bullets in that Potter’s Cay shooting, was also armed with weapons. They, we can report, were all a part of a crew who, when night falls, leave the St. James Road area to commit snatch and grab exercises on citizens in the Potter’s Cay Dock, Village Road and Shirley Street areas. Friday night into Saturday morning was not lucky for them.

BP intel now tells us the Monday morning take down of another 21-year-old in the Whites Addition, just off the Kemp Road area, was a continuation of a take down of the group.

BP investigations reveal the 17-year-old Rodero Munnings of St. James Road is said to also be a part of that snatch and grab ring, and early Monday morning, as he roamed the community of Whites Addition, gunmen opened fire on him, killing him dead.

All of these developments prove a sad, but sorry state. Bahamians are coming up short in tolerating criminals. They are sick and tired of thugs violating their privacy and making them victims of crime.

They want the purse and gold chain snatchings and robberies to stop. And if the crew in St. James haven’t gotten the message yet – then here it is – the citizens are turning on dem!

We report yinner decide!