Visitor disgusted by thieves and police failure to arrest in Abaco


A Letter to the Editor

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am an American that fell in love with your little slice of paradise and was fortunate enough to afford a little piece of it, however the amount of petty theft and lack of law enforcement have prompted me to compose this e-mail.

One month ago today I was contacted by neighbors that my home had once again been burglarized. We started building it in 2006 and though not yet completed we have locks on all the doors and windows. The locks have not stopped the  thieves from breaking into our home however; three times in the past 4 years.

The first time they broke into our home it was to steal tools. The bandits got away with over $1000.00 dollars worth of tools and though we found out who committed the crime and informed the police where the items were, they were not willing to either allow us to retrieve the tools or go get them themselves.  I was told that the person holding the tools had paid for them from an individual and that he was now the owner. I don’t presume to think that the person holding was above the law because he was the uncle-in-law of the constable, that after all would be ridiculous.

This time the petty thieves took small hand tools, they were found carrying the tools in a container and the container is now in the hands of the local police force. The thief is still walking around free as a bird in the community, and because I have not been there to press charges, the culprits have not been charged with a crime.

There is nothing I would love more than to publish their names on a local web site and alert all visitors to the Abacos to beware this is acceptable conduct in your country. It would maybe hamper tourism, and finally get the local law enforcement people to remedy the problem that plagues your fair Islands.

Thank you for letting me vent. I really do love the Islands and wish something could be done to stop this type of behavior.

Tom Thibeault.

Editorial NOTE: BP invites to writer to please forward to us in a private email ALL THE NAMES involved with this crime. From the BANDITS CAUGHT WITH THE STOLEN ITEMS and the constable who engaged the complaints. We would be happy to assist.


  1. Sorry but to the last 2 posters it is not all a WE that let this happen .. its mostly the ghetto communities. The rest of WE busy fighting off the criminals as they try to rob and kill us so they can buy the latest rims for they broke down car.

  2. Yes Media, I would hope that a lot of the replies in this thread would be heard as they represent a healthy cross section of the “reading and thinking” populace. The issue truly is that our forefathers PLPs, FNMs and those that choose not to vote (the most irresponsible in my view) have bred an animal that has now turned on them and us.

    Lawlessness is being tolerated and proliferated; we allow these thugs to rob, kill, rape and rest in our neighborhoods, then go to Bank Lane defending the thugs because they are “family”. We only seem to care when we know the victim. How many young men who are now murder victims were first murder suspects? How many at large suspects were captured while being aided by family and friends?

    We need to get serious; it’s sickening how we complain about a Bahamian seat belt law. Yet while still in the rental lots of Avis, Dollar, Enterprise and the like, we buckle up as soon as we get in the car. When a trooper pulls us over we walk circumspectly but when the RBPF officer pulls us over we act a fool.

    BAHAMIANS, either we want a peaceful society or we don’t. STOP harboring criminals; obey ALL laws albeit penal or ticket able offences. Band together to create a hot bed of intelligence for law enforcement. Cause criminals to “want” to leave our area by the entire neighborhood’s unwelcoming stance. Teach our children right from wrong and BE examples. Submit to a house of worship of your choosing and be faithful to GOD not the organization or religion. Make OUR public servants accountable and stop the subservient attitude towards the people we elected to work on our behalf. I can go on but above all let’s learn to genuinely love one another in the truest sense. That being said; if we must execute a couple thugs to create the peace then do what we must but let’s understand that ,that is but one dimension of a multifaceted creature that our forefathers have created.

  3. every body making noise about p.l.p and f.n.m. and they will vote them in any how. no body sick about nothing . its not going to change , lawyer make up the majority of the political directorate . people open your eyes. no crime , no money, do you think that after going to law school for all that time ,and praticing law for all these years that its going to change just for you. do the math, if they are not voted in they must return to work , which is to make money. if there is 90 murders this year and a lawyer gets 10 persons as clients @ 15,000 each for basic representation, dose not include vists or bail hearing, seprate fees of course.out of 150 major drug court cases for the year they get 10 persons @10,000 per person , armed robbery 20 persons @ 15,000 each this list dose not include minor crimes do the math 550,000 a year. do you think they will give that up for you 550,000 at least a year . there money ha ha there money money money ha ha mmm mmm .

  4. For sometime now all I hear about is the government this and the government that but to be honest it is us who allow criminals to take over. This country is very lawless, even when it comes to traffic offences we just do not like to abide by the law of the land. Traffic is not a crime but its against the law and we break it everyday from not wearing seatbelts to allowing young kids standing in the seats. When the law came into effect everyone and their great grandma was crying because of the fine but if its the law then follow it.
    We also seems to have a problem with penalties being carried out corporal and capital punishment. We have become too concern with what other people and countries have to say about us that we totally neglect to realise that we have to live here and not them. But you know we deserve exactly what we get for not being us BAHAMIANS not Americans. We decided that tourism is the ONLY thing we can do so we are paying the price and believing that their way of life is the way we should be living.
    I am a Bahamian who is proud of my country but we are lacking bad and its not a government thing or a police thing it is all of us.

  5. Hi Media, thanks but I dont need a History lesson, I lived it, Im not that young. 😉 And I only brought up as far back as Mother Pratt as although there was certainly crime before her, it began to get much much worse around then. Now all hell has broken loose, we are like a small Jamaica, even bars on Bay Street are playing Gangsta Reggae and you have all kinds of drunk hooligans dancing and making noise all over the streets now.

  6. Mary, I believe you have lost it. I say that in the nicest way ofcourse 🙂

    Mother Pratt had no control of anything, crime was gradually getting out of control during her time as well. Ofcourse it has gotten worse since then. Neither her not TT are right for the job. Even though regardless of whether it is the PLP or FNM or ABC the crime is still going to take place because that is the mentality that this lawless society in Nassau is breeding. I visited an Urban Renewal center after the FNM got in power, the cops had basically ran off and taken anything they could with them that was worth anything. Left behind were 20 year old computers which most did not even work. Any electronics that werent ripped out and left on the wall were basically of no use. But even then some dedicated cops still stayed behind to assist, I saw at least one anyway in particular. The entire society here has to change, just a few little community centers and walk abouts will not change anything unfortunately, too many here dont want to follow any law, its simple as that. Seems too many here want to be a gangster jamaicans now. Only thing that may help is first of all enforce executions, and also go all out war on the criminals, everyone knows who and where they are, and we see them all over the roads every day. Every little crime must be dealt with, right now barely any are. Some might say its going overboard, but I fear only some kind of hard military rule may bring this place back to some form of civilized nation.

    • Now there are some who like Newsman who would always need a lesson in the history of the Bahamas. The problem of crime did not commence with Tommy T, nor did it began with Mother P. When you turn the pages of history in the Bahamian and look into the archives you would discover the Bahamas has some shocking episodes of crime dating as far back as the 1930s.

      One period 1942, the year of the Burma Road Riots, we see scores of incidents of murder taking place. BP had the chance to examine these incidents a few months back and concluded the difference in the rate of crime then and now is the fact that communications have improved and thus, we are hearing the shocking reports as they happen. That technology was not available in 1942.

      Yes, crime in the Bahamas was still far less than it is occurring today, but the communication was slower, and detection of violent incidents were incredibly hampered.

      We believe the most horrific chapter in the life of this country came during the 1980s, when the surge of drugs took a damaging toll on the country. Back in the 80s, despite the statical indicators during that period, and we invite you and others to do your own research and follow the dailies and count the many number of persons who went missing and was never found. Persons like Chancey Tynes, the corrupt pilot who flow planes for a known drug cartel leader.

      During this period we saw politicians meddle in the business of drugs like a addicted love affair for nefarious dealings and we saw judges jealously guarding the rights of the drug dealer rather than being upholders of the law and the Constitution.

      Sadly during that same period we saw the birth of what we call “The Drug Baby” which was born, shaped and cultured in that culture of having all and taking what it cannot get. An explosion came about with the gang culture as a result and like the garrisons of Tivali Gardens in Jamaica, whole islands in the Bahamas became breathing grounds for crime.

      No, this albatross of crime and violence didn’t begin with Mother P or Tommy T. We and many who were before our time planted the seed and today we see the blooming of a corrupt tree. The Bahamas today needs a leader who is ready and prepared to CHOP THE DAMN TREE DOWN and plant anew. We need a WOODS RODGERS who will declare war on the criminals and restore law and order back to our society!

      Mother Pratt failed and she was axed, Tommy T is failing and he will be AXED! Behold the woodman cometh!


  7. So Ninety Knowles, the Majors,Kevin Hanna, John Higgs are all punks and half breeds. Stop this foolishness about pure bred Bahamians not committing crimes and murders, Bahamian murderers I could go on and on……….

  8. Once upon a time this country was the place to be…. Once upon a time Raiders and Gun dogs was all the gangs we had to worry bout…. Now Haitians in this country practicing ass. Truth be told…. If the government would stop issuing out work permits to these people….. and if the government would do a serious crack down on on the people that employing these illegals…, we wouldn’t have the problems and the high crime rate that we have today. Illegals will keep coming cause they finding a better way of life away from their deadly war zone. An it been happening with the PLP too…. they are not excused. Check out the prison….. all kind of Jamaicans, Haitians and mix breed… You can count the full blown Bahamians that committed a murder. What we kno bout choppin off head, hands and feet….. Look at Long Island…. Do you know why Hatians cant settle there? BECAUSE THE LOCALS WONT HIRE THEM. THEY DON’T TOLERATE IT POINT BLANK. I’ll tell you where Tommy is Mary…. curl up in Papa Sam A**.. with the rest of this crappy government. Branvill was the best thing to ever happen to their Sad ass team. And look what Hubert do… let the damn Haitians out the detention center talking crap. I AM A DISGRUNTLE BAHAMIAN WOMAN PEOPLE. THIS IS BS

  9. This slack FNM Government ain’t worth shit.At least when the PLP was in power we we felt safe walking the streets,Mother Pratt even had the gang under controll,what the hell has happened to our beautiful country,everyday you wake up to murder and theft.Tommy Turnquest where the hell are you,you said if the FNM was to win the Govenment, crime will be no more.Mother Pratt you were so right when you said on the floor or th HOA that the day they dismantel the Urban Renewal ,they will live to regret it,KARMA is a bitch.

    • Now Now Mary, BP does not support foul language. Please correct. This site is rated G! There are too many words in the dictionary to describe the Government than profanity.



  10. This is absolutely ridiculous….. The problem is the islands are so small…, everybody knows everybody and chances are the police are probably these criminals friend. What is this place coming to? Its sad that we can no longer be confident that we are safe and our belongings will be left alone. I CRY SHAME OF WHAT OUR COUNTRY HAS BECOME…. It was better in the Bahamas. Today we have a slack government in power that isn’t worth S***. Quite frankly I’m SICK TO MY STOMACH OF BOTH PLP AND FNM. When they campaign they say what needs to be said until they get their lousy asses in power. Focusing on the wrong S*** while we’re losing our country to crime. A PETTY THEFT COULD TURN TO MURDER. My husband and I was robbed at gun point at our take- away….. After police investigation we did not receive one follow up phone call. I had to call the station back to ask to see a photo line up that never flippin happen because the investigating officer wasn’t there at the time and he never returned the phone call…. SMT. What the hell kind of screwed up place is this…. AUTHORITIES ANSWER ME PLEASE…. I NEED FLIPPIN ANSWERS.

  11. This is the FNM trust and confidence agenda for you. If the PLP was in power and mother Pratt was the minister you would not have heard the end of the FNM screams about incompetence; well what of this incompetence?

  12. This is FNM trust and confidence agenda for you. If the PLP was in power and mother Pratt was the minister you would not have heard the end of the FNM screams about incompetence; well what of this incompetence?

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