Watch how FNM Chairman Culmer controls Hubert Minnis to promote and elevate his family in Government…

Branville McCartney and FNM Chairman Carl Culmer together at last!

ELEUTHERA| Well, if there is one family who cannot deny that Hubert “Soon Fired” Minnis is looking out for them, it is the Carl Culmer family.

Just recently we reported how Culmer’s wife was hired at the National Insurance Board and parachuted into a key position to be trained by junior staff.

Today, we at BP can report from the island of Eleuthera how the FNM Chairman’s family, after Minnis removed persons in Government, is now on the gravy train. PM Minnis has now promoted Carletta Culmer-Turnquest, sister of Carl Culmer, twice.

Carletta has of late received two major government promotions within the last month from the Public Service Commission where Minnis’ special friend Ms Legs WIDE OPEN sits.

Carletta, we can report, is now going into training to become a Family Island Administrator. We wonder where Minnis will put this Culmer when her training is complete? Boy, but we THE PEOPLE are watching these developments.

And if you thought that was all for the Culmer Clan, check out what Hubert Minnis has done for Michael Culmer, the brother of Chairman Carl Culmer. He has been promoted as the District Education Officer on the island of Eleuthera.


What should not go unnoticed also is how FNMs from lowly beginnings are fast-tracked into key government posts.

Take Linton Pinder – remember him? He, you should recall, was revealed by BP just a few weeks ago to be an unqualified clerk who was running the office in Eleuthera without any official instruments but was running the island as if he was the Island Administrator. Well, thanks to our reporting, Pinder (the FNM CLERK) is now going into training to become an Island Administrator.

Meanwhile, 64-year-old Margaret Symonette, who has already retired from the service, has been called back by PM Minnis to collect her three-year contract to operate on the island of Eleuthera.

BP is watching all these developments, island by island, agency by agency and we want them to know – get what Minnis gat for ya cause it ain’t long nah!

We report yinner decide!