Watch the Duplicity of the Media now that the FNM sits in office! Bannister is ill and nothing said and no questions asked!



Desmond Bannister MP for Carmichael.

Nassau. Bahamas – We at Bahamas Press have accepted our new role in the scheme of things. We know we will become the PEOPLE’s Watchdogs following the May 10th General Elections.

Now some a yinner could say it’s a teaspoon of sour grapes all yinner want but we are here to do the work of the PEOPLE! After all, It’s DA PEOPLE’S TIME!

Now we want yinner to watch this closely. Desmond Bannister, the newly elected MP for Carmichael and assigned Minister for Works, is right now ill in a Florida Hospital. We understand his condition has worsened since Saturday and yet not one word has come from the Cabinet Office on these developments.

We at BP are concerned, though, because just recently, while on the campaign trail when Dr. Bernard Nottage became dehydrated following a rally on the R. M. Bailey Park, every member of the press discussed his fitness to offer in the elections.

But now that one of the senior men of the FNM government falls ill, SERIOUSLY ILL as we understand it to be, mums the word from the press and the Cabinet. Nothing said. And as if all is well.

Anyway, y’all pray for Desmond, hear? He is a good man.

We report yinner decide!