Water to be restored for some affected W&S clients at 11pm tonight!


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by: Tribune242.com

RESIDENTS across large parts of New Providence suffered a loss of water supply and low pressure on Thursday morning after a major failure of the water transmission main on Robertha Avenue, the Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC) has announced.

Corporation teams are “urgently addressing” the failure in Ridgeland Park West and will provide a timeline for full system restoration, a statement from WSC said. Residents of northern, central, southern and eastern New Providence were affected.

The WSC statement read: “The Water and Sewerage Corporation wishes to notify our valued customers and the general public that we experienced a major failure on our water transmission main on Robertha Avenue (Ridgeland Park West) this morning that has resulted in low pressure and/or no water to parts of Northern, Central, Southern and Eastern New Providence. Corporation teams are on site now urgently addressing the failure and a timeline for full system restoration will follow in a later update. WSC sincerely apologises for the inconvenience caused, and expresses our appreciation and thanks for your patience.”