We repeat PM and his top general Paul Willie has tested positive for COVID19


News happening around the country!

PM Minnis and Minister Desmond Bannister.

NASSAU| We repeat Prime Minister Hubert Minnis has tested POSITIVE for Covid19.

We stand by our claims and we are confident of the veracity our information! If the PM wishes to deny the claim he should release a Cabinet statement to the same with the attached negative test!

Yesterday the Cabinet Office confirmed Bannister positive test! Bannister was set to travel outside the capital today.

Paul Willie tests positive for Coronavirus…

BP can now confirm Prime Minister Minnis’ top Killarney general and Manager in-charge of Arawak Cay operations has tested positive for COVID19.

Paul Willie

He becomes the first local who is in a vast list of contacts connected to the PM now under contact tracing by health.

You keep reading and we ga keep reporting.

Super Value selling fever grass and cerasee

NASSAU| Super Value stores now selling fever grass and cerasee….what next is Rupert Roberts going to try and sell inside his COVID super spreaders stores????

Former Assistant Commissioner of Police Allen Gibson dies!

NASSAU| Bahamas Press is reporting the passing of Ret. former Assistant Commissioner of Police Allen Gibson last evening.

Mr. Gibson passed away around 10pm. Let us pray for his family at this time.

Super Value denies social media reports on quality stamps

NASSAU| The news circulated about Supervalue and Quality Food Stores on quality stamps not being honoured is Fake News. The Supervalue Chain will honour all stamps!

We do wish for Mr. Rupert Roberts though to grant a day for double quality stamps as Minnis has taken away our Sunday Shopping!

ERC can’t spell COMMITTEE!

The People who stole the Covid19 economic plans from Barbados cannot even spell Committee! Looka dat!