We voted against a better future for ourselves…But who is disappointed?


Executive Director of Great Commission Ministries International Minalee Hanchell (centre) was on hand to receive BAMSI’s bananas. She said the agency typically feeds some 300 persons a day, but as a result of Matthew they have experienced an increase in the number of persons seeking assistance. Also pictured are members of the BAMSI’s distribution team, Devontae Thurston (left) and Cambridge Cooper (right)

Nassau, Bahamas – The 2017 General Elections will go down in history as the day when Bahamians voted against themselves and opted to go back.

They voted against BAMSI, and, in fact, in North Andros where an incubator for growth in Farming and Livestock was being birthed for us to feed ourselves was all rejected and stopped.

We voted against the lower electricity bills, which had declined by 40% under the fired Administration.

They voted against doubling investments in Education where twice as much money by 2017 was being spent to grant a Bahamian child a university education.

We voted against the idea of UNIVERSAL Health Insurance for all and have scrolled back time to agree for BIG BUSINESS to keep the profits in healthcare for the rich.

Now I for one would not have minded these things being rejected if some plan or alternative idea was advanced. Sadly, we have nothing to replace these things and so we head back to square one.

I don’t know what yinner ga do but I know what I ga keep saying…In 2017 we the Bahamian people voted against our own best interests!

Maybe we deserved just what we get in the end. Maybe.

We report yinner decide!