Well the police finally issued citations to all those who attended that ILLEGAL WEDDING on the weekend!


One bunch of Bahamians in Briland today before the courts for curfew violations

Eleutherans served criminal citations for breaching the curfew orders on that island…

NASSAU| The Attorney General’s son Carlyle Bethel was among a number of individuals informed by police last night they would face action over a rules-breaking wedding which took place in Nassau last Friday.

The Tribune understands police officers called at a number of individuals’ homes to serve citations of the wedding which was attended by numbers far in excess of those allowed under emergency orders.

A police spokesman told The Tribune late last night: “I can confirm that we have cited a number of people who attended the wedding and we are looking for the remainder. This activity includes the Attorney General’s son.”

Last night’s move by the Royal Bahamian Police Force will go a long way to silence criticism that those who attended last Friday’s event were brazenly flouting the emergency regulations.

Earlier yesterday, Carlyle Bethel, who is also the president of the Free National Movement’s Torchbearers Association, issued a half-hearted apology for attending the wedding in which he acknowledged his attendance may have been a bad example.

Meanwhile the wedding was for a consultant inside the Ministry of Health to which are setting the advice on lockdown by the government! LOOKA DAT!

Today on Briland “COVID CENTRAL” the courts gathered to hear cases most of which were curfew violations in that part of the country!