What is the status of repairs on Ragged Island now that NEMA is collecting donations?


Baha Mar presentation to NEMA — pictured from left, Baha Mar Vice-President Robert Sands, Baha Mar President Graeme Davis, Director of NEMA Captain Stephen.

Nassau – Bahamar, being a good corporate citizen, this past week decided to give NEMA some $25,000 to assist in its Hurricane Relief Fund.

Now we at BP support this but we want NEMA and Captain Stephen dem to account.

It has been months now since Ragged Island was hit by Hurricane Irma back in 2017. We know the promise of a Green City was being envisioned. What has happened on that island almost a year since its destruction?

Where is NEMA’s accounting on what it has done to restore the island following the aftermath of that devastation? Where is the update to Parliament?

Now, if NEMA and the Government have no plans for the people of Ragged Island, then let’s hear them say so. But ya can’t be collecting donations, NEMA, and at the same time take the position that the Government will not be repairing anyone’s home.


We report yinner decide!