When the STATE robs an American?


Asian American Won $30,000 at Baha Mar and then the state took it all – READ IN THIS REPORT!

Grand Hyatt at Baha Mar

NASSAU| Twenty-three-year-old Asian American student, William Shu, spending Spring Break with friends in the Bahamas got the shock of his life when he won some $30,000 at the Baha Mar Grand Hyatt Casino during his four-day trip to New Providence.

But Shu decided he was going to be smart and didn’t declare his winnings in his declarations as he was leaving the country.

Arrested along with three friends at LPIA for failing to make declarations, Shu was hauled before the courts.

Standing before Acting Deputy Chief Magistrate Subusola Swain, Shu, who has no previous convictions inside or outside the Bahamas, told the court his father told him to split the winnings up with his friends to evade declaring the winning. Shu contended he was most sorry for his actions.

Swain fine Shu some $1,500 and confiscated all his cash winnings, telling him to leave the country as soon as possible. Well WAIT!

With the American student now penniless, his attorney pointed out to the court that his relatives were ready to make his travel arrangements. Because of Shu’s plea, charges against his friends Xin Lu, Qi Guan and Quin Mu were withdrawn.

So here is our point in this report: Shouldn’t Baha Mar warn guests that their failure to declare their winnings would result in their arrest? Are we prepared here to help guests follow the law?

And if tourism and airport officials are not warning guests to the island, why are hotel officials in the Bahamas not advising guests of the same? Could this be a deliberate exercise? These guests need good damn lawyers.

By damn – getting robbed in the Bahamas is one thing, but when the STATE robs ya – that is a whole different story!

Someone please warn our guests why it is important to declare money won or earned at airports in the Bahamas! PLEASE!

We report yinner decide!


  1. Confiscate his winnings and then for good measure fine him $1500? He must be cussing now like a drunken sailor at this country.

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