When will journalists rise up and say NO to this VICIOUS attack against FREE SPEECH?



CLICK TO LISTEN TO Love 97FM report on radio – Brown confirms he did not resign as earlier reported

Nassau, Bahamas — If anyone believes for a moment in this country victimization was banished from the Bahamas in 1992 they better look around and think again. Bahamas Press will declare war on the Ingraham Government if Oswald Brown is not reinstated as Editor of the Freeport News.

On last week Brown delivered a scathing rebuke on the Mugabe Government attacking Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham on his rash dictatorship style, his ‘VICKED’ policies against Bahamians and his incestuous love affair with Chinese partners, which have caused the hearts of many to be removed from the FNM.

Only hours following Brown’s practice of editorial freedom he quickly found himself in the Editorial Axing room of the Nassau Guardian. He was fired after serving years in the business. NOT ONE MEMBER OF THE WUTLESS MEDIA HAD THE GALL TO COME TO BROWN’S DEFENSE! Hmmmmmm!

No member of his editorial team came to his rescue. NO one defended his right to tell the EMPEROR he’s naked! No one attempted to warn the Guardian FNM goons what they were doing was UNHOLY, UNDEMOCRATIC, VEXATIOUS and VINDICTIVE! NOT ONE JOURNALISTS HAD THE SPINE TO COME TO THE DEFENSE OF OSSIE! WHAT A CRYING ‘DUTTY’ SHAME ON THEM ALL!hubert-11

We cry shame on ‘VICKED’ HUBERT Ingraham and his NASTY RAPE on democracy and free speech in this country! We cry SHAME ON HIS SPINELESS GOVERNMENT who dance in their seats of power like minions waiting for candy from ‘papa’ while justice is slaughtered on the alters of mercy, freedom is kidnapped by an evil emperor and rank VICTIMIZATION blankets our tiny nation like horrid smoke. WE ARE NOT ONE-MINUTE HAPPY BY THE NEWS and here’s why.

The parent company of the Freeport News was quick to announce Brown as retiring knowing full well they fired the man. NOT ONE QUOTE CAME FROM BROWN announcing his said retirement in the newspaper. How nasty! Not one reporter interviewed Brown to ask him where he saw the media in the country after his years of service here in the Bahamas. THIS ISN’T RIGHT!

Nassau Guardian publisher and president Anthony Ferguson announced Brown’s retirement on Tuesday.

He said, “Oswald Brown has been a key part of The Freeport News over the years. His experience, knowledge and dedication to the paper will be sorely missed.

“We wish him every success in the future.”

oswald-brown-copy.jpgThis was the same kind of vindictive treatment delivered to journalists and broadcasters at the FNM 2009 November Convention. ‘Kiki’ Knowles and his goons muzzled journalist from speaking their minds at the historic axing of Carl Bethel! Journalists were not allowed to say a word. Jerome Sawyer was told “Speak when ya spoken to and answer when ya call,” like an animal being trained for the next circus coming to town. Wendall Jones was never given the speech of the ministers, even though guest on his programme held members text close to their chest. He could not say a word and by the end of the Convention all journalists had to conform to the FNM dress code “RED”.

Brown’s axing today also reminds us to the pressures handed down against a young budding broadcaster, Erin Ferguson, who was asked to leave the convention floor by FNM bagman in Elizabeth. WHAT IS THIS! It was only days after that incident both Ferguson and Juan McCartney were thrown off Jeff Lloyd’s show. Their views were censored! And they hosted the show no more.

Bahamas Press boils in righteous anger when we see this trend of BLATANT SCORN for professionals whose business it is to SPEAK THEIR MINDS and report facts. This is  a FREE country! Or is it? INGRAHAM STOP YOUR NASTY ATTACKS ON JOURNALIST IN THIS BAHAMAS!

  • When will you allow freedom to reign FREE as you boast?
  • When will you stop this NASTY ATTACK against Journalists?
  • When will journalists rise up in Bahamaland and say NO to this VICIOUS attack against FREE SPEECH?


For we respond to him in the words of Dwight Eisenhower former President of the United States who said, “We [in media] are going to have peace even if we have to fight for it!”

Deliver Oswald Brown his job or face the music from BP!

We need Change Bahamas!


  1. Brown is only getting at taste of his own medicine.

    He has been too bias in his editorials in favor of the FNM.  He should have kept it real and be objective.

    I knew he was finished when he and Orville Turnquest sister split up.  

  2. Immediately after the 2007 election HUBERT ALEXANDER INGRAHAM DECLARED THAT STEVE MCKINNEY AND LADY RUSSELL CONTRACTS WITH ZNS WERE TERMINATED.The media said NOTHING.Mr.Ingraham then proceeded to terminated the employment of HUNDREDS of  lowly paid workers,claiming that government didnot have the funds and those workers were political appointees.The media and REVEREND SIMEON HALL SAID NOTHING.Now rev.Hall is preaching the GOSPEL OF COMPASSION TOWARDS HAITIENS.Well i guess Bahamians don’t deserve compassion.Mr.Ingraham then proceeded to end the careers of numerous POLICE,IMMIGRATION AND CUSTOMS OFFICERS again the media was quiet .The prime minister tore to pieces the contracts of Bahamian contractors eg WOSLEE at the straw market.Mr.OSWALD BROWN DIDNOT HAVE THE COURAGE TO CALL OUT MR.INGRAHAM ON THIS.Well finally mr.Ingraham has come for mr.Brown and there is only BahamasPress to speak on his behalf.BUT THEN AGAIN BAHAMASPRESS HAS ALWAYS SPOKEN OUT ON THE BEHALF OF THE OPPRESS AND POOR!!!

    • Very timely and factual as PAPA is determined to rule with an iron hand.Unfortunately this totalitarian style also breeds opposition which we do not need in the Bahamas as we have instances all around that economies falter when misgovernance occurs.PAPA needs to see the people in Parliament Square as it has been proven that he is afraid to see large crowds.Elizabeth do not be duped by the wolves in sheep clothing,refuse to vote FNM.

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