Where is the national pride? Garbage all around!



Bahamas Press became sick to its stomach when we saw this site. Here on the MAIN MACKEY STREET ROAD obliquely across the headquarters of the FREE NATIONAL MOVEMENT, is a picture of GARBAGE ALL AROUND! For a second it was as if we were transformed in the middle of the city dump. But no, right in the city street, less then a block from the party’s headquarters laid tons of garbage, encroaching onto the main street.

NOW here is the question to Earl Deveaux the minister of the environment, Earl why in the HELL you cannot cleanup the garbage right in front of the party’s YARD? My goodness look at the rotten state The Bahamas is turning into! Residents in the area told Bahamas Press that the garbage was there for days and NO ACTION HAS COME FROM THE MINISTRY of Environment yet!

What a shame to the owner of this building and that WUTLESS government department! You mean to tell us with all the mess this country in, the ministry cannot pickup GARBAGE anymore?


When we look at this MESS, we more and more get a clearer picture as to why the government is attempting to censure Bahamas Press. Here is a photo you will never see in any of the WUTLESS newspapers. GARBAGE SPRAWLED ONTO MACKEY STREET!


  1. Good General, I think we were made aware of that from like, a week ago. You’re LATE AGAIN!


  2. look at all dis insubordination from ma soljahs dem 🙁
    Yes the potcakes were a tad bit scary, but in England I am not. I skipped over to the store and picked up a copy of Rosetta Stone. 🙂

  3. When Sir Ali finishes with generalcrazy he probably will look like an English man (lol)
    I am really impressed how the general is taking his studies so serious. Next thing we know the general might consider going off to England to fully complete his study of the English Language (jokes for life!).

  4. I think he studying some English book AND the dictionary so he can be well equipped for this blog

  5. BP please give us more details on what the deal is with ColinaImperial and this international insurance agency. The policy holders want to know and only you giving details.

  6. WOW you is hell ya know. And, as for Kim, I think General Crazy taking more than the prescribed amount of meds cause he trying to rush back into being sane.

  7. Man BP you breaking wind now. I know all that, I was just giving you a compliment. Say thank you and print some more of them hot stories. LOL.

  8. Well ‘WOW’ where have you been? Did not we tell you Bahamas Press has over 470,000 local and global readers LOGGING ON HERE?




    We break more news on this website and have caused much knee-jerk reaction from the powers THAT BE! MORE than all the WUTLESS newspapers have done collectively in the last year!

    Did we not break the news that a POLICE OFFICER was put on leave in the Harl Taylor Murder? DID WE NOT SAY, DID WE NOT SAY, DID WE NOT SAY?

    We are told some leaders take their medication before they come on Bahamas Press, because they don’t know WHAT WE COMING WITH NEXT….



  9. Drama you really think it’s the meds? Maybe the meds aint strong enough for generalcrazy, they must be needs to increase the dosage or do you think he using more than amount recommended by doctors (loll!!).

  10. Kim, something is still making General Crazy, crazy. I think the meds need to be switched…..lol…..

  11. generalcrazy I am glad you have given up drinking, because it is not good with the medication. You need to be of sound mind to get through this recession.

  12. So Kim you saying you think General Crazy was hallucinating?….lol….lol…..

    He had a few cocktails, took his meds and then saw werewolves attacking his car and trying to get in it to get at him. .LOL….man you all slay me.

    For real though, what do you all think of all of this “relief to the poor” Ingraham talked about in Parliament today. You think the FNM government for real or they giving people false hope again?

  13. The General aint suppose to mix cocktails with those type of medication that he is currently taking. That is a dangerous combination and is known to cause those type of illusions (lol).

  14. Listen you all have me crying in here. All of we are crazy you realize that?? General crazy aint alone.

    BP, I suggest you investigate what General Crazy saw that night. It would seem like a Werewolf type experience he had. He said these “beings” were trying to get into his car. That aint normal potcake activity man. Then he said they were scraping at his car and biting the tires. They were Werewolves man !!

    Listen, General, I need to know what you were cocktailing on that night before this experience. I always wanted to experience Zombies man. Hook ya boy up so my fantasy can come true……lol

  15. @ WOW
    typically i think they wud just stop and walk away or play wid each other. these potcakes though, they crazy, they is run things at night in nassau, they are untouchable, even the law carnt stop them.

  16. Generalcrazy, at least you answered one of the questions I always wondered about. When dogs chase after cars, what would they do when they actually catch one? You sure you didn’t knock down one of their friends before? lol

  17. i was in ma humvee so dey didnt do any real damage, least not to the tires. they were dogs fer certain, all diff types. they left sum scratches though it was alredy scratch up from all da warrin.

  18. generalcrazy I must admit when I was reading about your experience, they did sound more like wolves, than dogs to me too. Maybe they were wolves that normally come out in the late nights and then returns back to the bush, once they see the sunlight (loll). Were you watching any horror movies with ware wolves before you went out, you might have still been terrify from the movie (lol!!!!). generalcrazy did you actually saw the scrapes on your car?

    Putting fun and jokes aside, something really must be done with these dangerous dogs.

  19. Wow, yes, I heard the infamous name (Choke Neck Alley) was given to the area because a woman, (yes, a woman) had strangled a man to death.
    I am sure something good has happened through that Alley before, and maybe it should be changed to “victory lane.”

  20. Dem stray dogs aint no joke. They could have rabies and mess us up for life. They need to be gone.

    I hope the new Minister of Environment notes thos and does something about it or is he still too busy getting student loans for his daughters while other DESERVING people cant get none.

  21. GCF, you think that’s bad? You never been through Choke Neck Alley hey? That’s the real name with sign and everything.

    I remember a couple years back I went to see Tommy Davidson over P.I. at Jokers Wild, he was cracking jokes on all the stray dogs he saw here and how biggety they were.

  22. General Crazy…how many Kaliks did you have before this dog/wolf attack? lol …. This sounds too vicious to be in The Bahamas, man. Was there heavy fog in the air and did you hear wolves howling at the scene? Give me more details man…….lol….

  23. Joe Blow, The nasty culture in my opinion is in someway stem from some of the negative street names that were given.

    I have seen street names such as: DEAD CAT ALLEY (Fort Fin Castle), DOG HOUSE CORNER (off East Street), PRISON LANE, just to name a few negative street names. “DEADMANS” CAY, CAT ISLAND… it seems we took on the spirit of the names. And we excepted the evil thnat was done.

    Can you imagine how those people feel to put on their passport “ I am from “DOG FLEA ALLY”?
    But no one wants to do away with these BAD NAMES.

  24. generalcrazy those dogs sound so vicious. If that’s how they did to your car, imagine if they were able to get their paws on you. Now you are faced with the expense of having your car repaired. Sometimes I feel like these stray way dogs, criminals and the illegal immigrants are taking over our country.

  25. cut through that road that goes from soldier rd to marathon, i gone through there one night like 1am or so to Imperial, comin back and comin right to the end of the road coming out to turn onto solider road, i had to drive through a pack of dogs, must have been 20+, they basically attacked my vehicle, biting the tires, jumping all over the hood and windows and left scratches everywhere, i managed to speed off before it got any worst. bottom line is they were trying to get inside.

    Now imagine walking through there, granted walking at 1am is dangerous without potcakes these days .. but still.

  26. There are too much stray way dogs roaming our streets, they can be seen walking about on Bay Street and on our public beaches. Sometimes, I would go out on long wharf to enjoy the beach scenery and to eat a meal in my car. As soon as I open up my meal to start eating, I would see a bunch of hungry stray way dogs surrounding my car, they would appear from out of no where.

    Last week, a friend of mines asked me to drop her by a restaurant Down Town to buy something to eat, when we arrived at the restaurant, some dogs stood right in the front of the door, we try to scare them off by saying , “get!”. Those dogs look like they wanted to charge at us, I told her I love our friendship very much, but I was not prepared to get bite. I turned back for the car and she followed behind me. I took her to another restaurant.

    Something really must be done with these stray way dogs!

  27. The picture almost looks like it was staged. Or perhaps the road was cleaned to that point and the pile is waiting for a truck to pick it up.Either way it shows once again how many “nasties” we have in this country. Someone recently said Bahamians don’t clean up because they are so accustomed to filth they really don’t see it anymore. Personally I think the M of the E is doing a good job. There is so much to do that he simply can’t get to it all.Send him the picture! be sure to give him the location.

  28. Yeah i think the fnm know that is there. Damm they have someone at headquarters everyday. Come on man. Also BP you must address them damm potcakes.

  29. I was driving up the road from there the other day, right in front of the FNM HQ. This “lady” was driving in front of me letting her daughter throw her Wendy’s wrapper and cup right out the window! What happen to national pride? When I was growing up, if I did something like that my parents would stop the car, make me get out and pick it up and cut my hip right there. Bahamians we have to do better or the rats will overtake us.

  30. GCF This is the height of nastiness and they wonder why visitors arrival to the island is low. These are the kind of nastiness that turns them off.

  31. In fairness to them, I am certain they didn’t. But my goodness all near the main Mackey Street Road. If you going to the headquarters from the North you must pass it.

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