While Bahamians scramble under dehumanizing conditions at the food stores CABLE BAHAMAS lays off almost 100 workers today


What did Government have to say as CBL largest single shareholder is the Bahamas Government [NIB]…

NASSAU| Chairman of Cable Bahamas, Mr. Franklyn Butler, announced the firing of some 100 employees at the communication company.

The decision will involve some 76 REV workers and an additional 20 employees at the telephone company, Aliv.

Butler told reporters, “This has been a very difficult decision to make both for myself and the executive leadership team, but it is necessary to meet the demands of the business.”

Competition with Netflix and android services have crippled the Cable Company along with Dorian on Grand Bahama. Finally, COVID19 has left CBL on the floor.

According to our sources Cable TV and internet off since this morning in all of the Eastern District. Think the firing has anything to do with the disruption?

BP fired Cable more than a year ago following poor technical services after Hurricane Matthew, and yinner all should know how we felt about the dead telephone company.

We report yinner decide!

NB: Franklyn Butler says he was in prayer for the Bahamas as he made the decision to fire almost 100 Bahamians at Cable Bahamas. My question to him is this: WHO YOU WAS PRAYING TO ME BEY?