Who does allow dey child to be fondled by a grown man? And how dese niggas get so damn NASTY?!


Young boy in local private school fondled by security guard? WHAT IN DA HELL IS DIS?!

file photo
file photo

Nassau, Bahamas – There is a disturbing video that right now is making it rounds of Facebook which reports a student from a private school in the capital is making love with a grown-ass man. Police has something on their hands tonight and we hope the guilty molester is caught!

According to the information being shared, it suggests that the adult male is a security officer at a well-established Webshop here in the country. The video is disturbing and should censure immediate action by authorities.

BP will not publish photos or share the video, as we know this is criminal. However, we express our outrage and disgust by what we see being presented on social media.

In response we ask one question: WHERE ARE DA DAMN PARENTS?

We report yinner decide!