Why a ruffian, power drunk FNM Politician – who has to be worshipped everyday by his staff and companion – needs serious anger management sessions at SANDILANDS and should not be in politics!

Parliament arrogant, incompetent hooligan who believes the country owes them something!

NASSAU| Bahamas Press is focusing on a “green” FNM politician who presents a dangerous inferiority complex. Some will call him an arrogant, incompetent hooligan who believes the country owes them something.

The politician has a dangerous need to be worshipped by everyone and has a challenge accepting that he is small in every sense of the word. 

The FNM politician is known to beat women and once beat a young gal, pulling a deadly weapon on her.

The politician is now dying to one day become a Cabinet Minister but is ignored by his colleagues in the party because they honestly believe he is in dire need of lessons in anger management on the wards up in Sandilands. 

The disgraced politician got his baptism in anger problems from his dangerously abusive father who was once a police officer. A rogue officer at that! As a child, the green politician witnessed his father disrespecting and having many sweethearts on his mother. And because of this, this was one of the reasons their attitude needs some type of adjustments. As the saying goes, be careful how you treat a person on your way up is indeed a true saying because after the termination was handed down to the father, the family and this small-minded politician took in with the shittings.

The abuse, cruelty, mistreatment, and experiences of hate are now embedded in the rogue politician, who has played similar cards on every man and woman who entered his life. What a clone!

The deeds of the father caught up with him when he was captured on bank cameras attempting to bribe a citizen or have them face prosecution. The police father, who was dumb as grits, followed the citizen into a local bank to collect the bribe from the individual then afraid of facing jail time. The matter was later reported to the Commissioner of Police and a recording of the events led to the firing of that rogue police.

One of the highlights of the politician’s journey of rejection came during the summer months when his disgraced father forced them into a Nassau-based wooden structure deep in the inner-city Grove community where foreign natives around the community lived better than him.

It was a painful and deeply emotional time for the politician, especially when a dog chased him for meat into an alley and down into the back of his yard. The New Providence exercises were never pleasant.

And, so, as we collect our research on the rogue, power-drunk politician and connect the dots of his troubled life, we are getting a clearer picture as to why he could possibly be carrying around a deadly weapon. And we also see why, if ever caught, he could just call up police friends and get off. It’s now all coming together and, boy – we at BP just know how to get to the bottom of things!

We report yinner decide!