Why are all these break-ins going unreported? The public must know what is happening for their own safety….

Another home invasion in the capital…

Dear BP,

Good morning, my neighbor Mr. Howard Newbold who lives on Westridge Drive came home yesterday after Church and the above photos show what he met.

Thieves had broken down his front door and proceeded to steal items. My husband and I were also at Church at the time of the incident.
We must continue to be vigilant.

Also, we have to be vigilant as this spree of home invasions continues to escalate. In addition to the above shared with me tonight, my neighbors have also shared that for the third time on as many months their office complex on Village Road has been vandalized and property and security equipment destroyed.

This time they had remote backup of security footage. The recordings show that the perpetrators were well prepared and wore masks and gloves and used a crowbar to pry open security bars and doors.

Let us keep vigilant at all times.


A resident of the Community