Why Does The FNM Wish For The Demise Of BAMSI?


The fire believed to have been set by an supporter of the FNM.
The fire believed to have been set by an supporter of the FNM.

By Jerry Roker
for Bahamas Press

In response to the fact that we spend hundreds of millions of dollars annually importing food to feed ourselves, and with a view to ensuring food security for our Bahamas, the PLP government created the Bahamas Agriculture & Marine Science Institute(BAMSI). For me, the significant positive impact on our country’s balance of payments, entrepreneurial empowerment, and the employment that flows from the creation of this entity, were trumped by the national security implications of us arriving at that place where we can feed ourselves.

Almost from the start, those opposed to the government assailed the program. What I found most troublesome about most of the criticism, was the absence of consensus on the mission embodied in the birth of this entity. Off course, any project of this magnitude, can be open to criticism, but let’s criticize the methodology, for certainly, all Bahamians, never mind his politics, should agree that food security is indeed an awesome destination towards which we ought to launch our ship.

But you know what, because those opposed to the PLP government choose to politicize the matter, their followers blindly aligned themselves with their party, without any regard to merit. Led by our opposition politicians, this is the point we have arrived to.

What a glorious day it will be in the governance of our little country, when we can put aside partisan politics and embrace those initiatives that are obviously good for our country, without regard to which side offered it up. It’s called maturity folks!

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  1. I support Bamsi for its research and scientific potential and the fact that we may thereby stop using foreigners to do environmental impact assessments, for instance. But ‘good security’ is a political canard that betrays deep ignorance of economics and how the world works. It is a childishly stupid idea. No country on earth has ‘food security’ and the more agricultural a country is, and the less food it imports, generally the poorer and less secure the country. That is economics.

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