Why is the RBDF just arriving today to restore the peace in Abaco?


ABACO| Why did it take the Royal Bahamas Defence Force Marines until today to descend on Abaco to restore law and order in that hurricane ravaged island? WHY?

Credible reports coming into BP confirms that looting and violence have engulfed communities now cut off by rising water.

Sources tell us some barbarians have used their animalistic nature to take water and supplies from stores and, in some cases, from vulnerable residents who are now homeless, desperate and unguarded by the state!

Why did it take the RBDF days before it moved its backup teams into Abaco to restore peace to that troubled island community? Where is the leadership on the ground? The storm left the area from Monday – it is Wednesday and backup teams from the Force are just arriving? WHAT IS THIS?!

What are they being paid for?

So here is some advice. An urgent request should be sent for the floating naval hospital to come to both Abaco and Grand Bahama without delay. The UK will welcome such an invitation.

We need a barge of water supplies immediately! On Grand Bahama there is no running water – THAT NEEDS TO BE revisited today so that the lavatories can be sanitized.

And we immediately need items which can be ready meals for these huddled communities, now homeless and living in cramped shelter conditions.

We report yinner decide!


  1. I have a friend who built a telecommunications network in case of emergencies such as this. It’s being used in Saudi Arabia, go figure.

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