Why Long Islanders should not support Loretta Butler-Turner as their MP…


Loretta Sleeping on the JOB!
Loretta Sleeping on the JOB!

Dear Editor,

It is time for Long Islanders to bring out into the open what they have been discussing in private, namely, whether to go with Butler-Turner again as the MP for Long Island.

In my opinion, Mrs Butler has done such a terrible job at agitating and advocating on behalf of Long Island, she should not be given a second chance.

Mrs Butler-Turner does not seem to care about Long Islanders.

For example, she has refused to even meet with Long Islanders to determine from Long Islanders what course of action they would like for her to take on their behalf.

During her tenure in office, the FNM has not held any constituency meetings. More on why I will not support Butler-Turner to come.


Gladstone Thurston