Why were they not Shot!? FNM now in bed with illegal underground Cuban smuggling racket?


WARNING!!!! AVOID THE MIAMI AREA as there are alleged death threats on the lives of Bahamians by the Democracy Movement Groups!

American Sources in Miami have confirmed to BP that the Chairman of the FNM Daron Cash was seen in Hialeah consorting with a know Santeria High Priest - a pantheistic Afro-Cuban CULT leader! WHAT IN THE HELL IS THIS???? We also understand the wicked witch of the east is also a practitioner of Santeria...

FBI and United Nation should look into the Miami-Based Human Smuggling Group Democracy Movement…

Nassau, Bahamas – The question of safety for all Bahamians entering Miami is now one of a serious nature.

Information and strong data now coming into Bahamas Press warn us that it is alleged that the lives of Bahamians are now at risk in the Miami area. Good intel and information coming into Bahamas Press tell us the Democracy Movement – a Miami-based operation – has made threats on the citizens of the Bahamas and surrounding community. We therefore warn all Bahamians travelling to be aware. Avoid Lejune Road, Hialeah and Calle Ocho areas – don’t be caught dead there!

All shopping in the Miami area with Cuban-based businesses should cease immediately by all travelling Bahamians! BP’s intel is good and for your own safety we warn all and sundry to seek out businesses where Jews have stores. This notice and information is indeed troubling – AVOID THE AREA as there are alleged death threats on the lives of Bahamians by the Democracy Movement Groups.

Never before in the 40-year history of this nation has such a plot to undermine and destabilize the sovereignty of this country has never been uncovered.

And what is worse – now developing in this Cuban saga- is the fact that the Opposition appears to be colluding with the Cuban-Americans who appear to have an underground illegal human trafficking operation into the United States of America.

What in the hell is this!

The man seen here defending a Human Trafficking operation through the Bahamas should be arrested by the FBI! The Wing-nut, Ramon Sanchez, is colluding with the FNM and is seeking to destablize the law-abiding government of the Bahamas.

The depth of their intentions [FNM AND THE MIAMI-BASED PROTESTERS] are yet to be known; perhaps together they are ready to force hardship and strain on an already struggling economy left in tatters by the former regime. Their bold and dangerous attempts could force further hardship on taxi drivers, straw vendors, hotel workers, service industry stakeholders, and merchants all catering to our number one industry – the FNM is once again trifling with the livelihood of ordinary hardworking Bahamians who do not deserve their vicious and damaging attack on the country’s economy.

The Miami-based Cuban protester Ramon Sanchez told Bahamian newspapers this morning he is “taking the advice of the opposition [FNM]” about protesting near the Miami International Airport.

Sanchez and his FNM counterparts and conspirators should know that All foreign policy differences in the Bahamas should end at the border – and whenever, whoever comes against a Bahamian or our livelihoods should know we all speak with one voice!

While Bahamian hoteliers are working one and two days due to the already slow economic climate; while taxi drivers and straw vendors and fighting for a sale; while merchants and restaurant owners are being beating with the stick of slow business and a bad economy, why would anyone in or outside the Bahamas support protests to stop guests from coming to these pristine islands?

Additionally, The Free National Movement’s collusion with the Miami-based protestors should be seriously noted!

And the Party should be castigated for supporting those who encourage human smuggling and trafficking in persons!

These rogue lawless foreigners and the FNM should hang their heads now in dutty shame to ask any law abiding government of The Bahamas, Cuba or the United States of America to become involved in an unlawful conspiracy to smuggle ALIENS into the USA who have no permission to enter the USA! They possess no proper documentation to be in the Bahamas, and in today’s international world are considered “TERRORISTS” who are seeking to subvert the good, peaceful and law-abiding culture of a society like the Bahamas and its surrounding neighbours to the north.

What is equally reprehensible is the masterful collusion between the Opposition and the protesting group to ask a decent leader of the Bahamas in the person of Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Perry G. Christie to become a participant in the lawbreaking!?

What in the hell is this?!

But why should we be surprised as the FNM administration left The Bahamas in danger of being black listed for failing to combat human trafficking, forcing the Bahamas to be exposed to losing international funding from agencies funded by the Government of the USA!

The pronouncements by the FNM are indeed most unpatriotic in our midst, and for them to have behaved so callously towards Bahamian interests is to be catagorized as “TRAITORS”! They wish to access the funds of the underground railway of illegal immigrants from Cuba to the USA – and get their clay hands into this flouting of the treaties we have signed. We, as a Law Abiding and Peaceful Island-nation in the community of the world, should protest this wicked, clannish, deed! How could people who will one day seek to lead the country find themselves willing to align themselves and lay in bed with Human Traffickers?

What else can we say?

The clarion call for hanging of late from all quarters should be administered to those who act in this treasonous way against their country. They should be taken down to Rawson Square and hung from the bust of Sir Milo Butler!

We report yinner decide!