Wife of the late Ron Darville, Mrs Sherril Darville passes…

Mrs. Sherril Darville

FREEPORT| Bahamas Press is reporting the passing of Mrs. Sherril Darville on August 13th last week.

Mrs Darville died after she slipped and fell on some rocks out in West End, hitting her head. She was taken to hospital but succumbed later. She had arrived in the area following a drive to collect a few items. 

Mrs. Darville, you should recall, was the wife of the late Ron Darville, former Deputy Chairman of BAIC, who was hacked multiple times by his son, Michael Darville. Michael was eventually fatally shot by police and his father later died in hospital.

These are really some serious time. We are all encouraged to pray for the family in this most tragic loss.

Meanwhile, BP is also reporting the passing of Barbara Shepherd a former Casino employee in Grand Bahama.

Shepherd was on the bank line this week when she too collapsed and fell in the heat hitting her head on the pavement. She too later died in hospital.

Rest Eternal Grant Unto Them O Lord! Amen.