Will Supervalue set a new shopping day for double stamps and show us some love?

BP’s trolley moving through a store.

Dear Rupert Roberts,

As an avid shopper of your wonderful store, the emergency orders have created much distress and problems. The long lines have made shopping a taxing, dehumanizing exercise. That added that sometimes you now have to carry poultry items in the hand with no bags provided.

The pain and aggravation bestowed on shoppers by the INCOMPETENT AUTHORITY is getting worse by the day. Though grateful to the Lord, before being able to enter a store the situation of standing in the long lines have me convinced that this situation will get no better.

We are in the heat, the prices have gone up, some key brands are no longer available and, after spending hundreds month after month, I notice in the recent lockdowns Sunday Shopping is no longer available.

The bedlam will be worth it all if we can get our double stamps. Since the INCOMPETENT AUTHORITY has blocked our hustle and don’t give a damn about your shoppers, please do understand that, as a loyal patron, I really only support Supervalue because I know you give back to the community.

And here is the meat of my letter: What has happened to the DOUBLE STAMP DAYS? Are you aware that stamps are also given to help some charities?

Mr Roberts, please have a heart. Have a SOUL! Show some compassion in this most difficult of times. Do not join the contempt for Bahamians now being displayed by the “Incompetent” Authority! If PM Minnis don’t want us to have shopping on Sundays, please give us another day or days for double stamps.

As an avid shopper I look forward to your response to this public letter from the people.

Show us you appreciate our business!