William and Kate want to visit The Bahamas


His Royal Highness the Duke of Cambridge, Prince William, while visiting Canada told The Bahamas High Commissioner to Canada His Excellency Michael Smith and his wife Suzanne, that he and his wife would like to visit The Bahamas.

They spoke while watching the fireworks launched to celebrate Canada Day. His Excellency, who is Dean of CARICOM High in Canada and his wife Suzanne were among a group of about 50 diplomats, government ministers and officials invited to the observation deck of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for a dinner reception before observing the festivities.

The Duke told High Commissioner Smith that he had visited Nassau before, and asked if he could recommend a nice place to stay.

High Commissioner Smith was happy to oblige.


  1. Of course the Duke would have spoken with High Commissioner Smith about visiting their colony of the Bahamas, but only after being instructed to so do on behalf of this FNM gearing up for a General Elections cabinet.
    For the sake of Jesus I sure hope this FNM cabinet also included in their instructions passed on to Commissioner Smith a recommendation that the Palace have William and Kate take a crash course in the Haitian Creole language spoken in Haiti by some twelve million people and now also in the Bahamas by some 100,000 Haitians.
    Surely, if need be the stuffed shirts at the Palace can call up the Minister of Tourism if they need to borrow any of their Creole language instructions his ministry keeps on adding to the government’s payroll toward their quest to Haitianalize our beloved Bahamaland. I hear they’re already started a program to bring in a wider range of Creole speaking people at the government’s various ministers, than is the widening rift developing between the DPM Brent and the PM, over which one needs to exit before the General Elections?
    Folks, like I keep on saying, I can’t possibly be making this all up?

    • Why would anyone wants to visit a country so full of hate towards outsiders? Oh yeah, ‘course they under illusion that’s a friendly hospitable country … LOL

  2. I am sure that once he hears of our crime rate that visit will not happen anytime soon…. however,we would love to have them visit us, that way maybe the roadworks will get completed sometime soon.

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