WINNERS ARE SHOWING UP EVERYDAY AT BOWE GAMES >>>Customer collect a big $38,000 winning at Bowe Games today


Nassau, Bahamas — Bowe Games is already flexing its muscles in the gaming market as a number shop customer walked away with a $38,000 win and on Wednesday another big winner collected a whopping $25,000 in cash.

The new gaming operation, which is set to open webshops across the country, is already collecting a huge customer base.

Bowe Games came online last week after a breakup of Asue Draw.

The operation is already in two locations on Blue Hill and Carmichael Roads.

The operation will begin opening a new branch every week for the next eight weeks and promises exciting bonuses for customers.

Another customer, after collecting a $5,000 cash win today, told BP, “Boy, in all my years of playing numbers  – my winning today at Bowe has been the best ever!”

More winners are expected to roll out in the coming days…

Bowe Games is now here!