Women under attack by Crime in the Bahamas


A Caribbean man carries the body of another dead to the grave. Where are we headed in the Bahamas with all these murders?

Nassau, Bahamas — Another woman has become murdered victim #169 since 2009.

Particulars are that the women was discovered in the vicinity near Kemp and Parkgate Roads lying face down with multiple gunshot wounds to the back around 2AM this morning.

She was taken to the Princess Margaret Hospital where she died while being transported.

Police confirmed there are no arrested in this latest murder.

The woman is the most recent victim among a number of women, which have become violent victims of crime. Just last week a stray bullet discharged by a gunman in the Step Street area of Fox Hill shot and killed a 29-year-old female. In less than 24-hours later another woman was shot in Grand Bahama as she drove home from work. And just this weekend three boys gang raped an American Nun as they invaded her home in Rock Sound Eleuthera and robbed her.

Still amidst all this violence not a word has come in response from the failed minister of national security, Tommy Turnquest.


  1. Denise, from your mouth to God’s ears. It is evident that the people are living in fear, and the P.M can get in the house of Assembly and crack jokes; travel with the rich and shameless and continue to pretend that the country is doing well. It’s good for him and the others who continue to have their palms grease at the expense of others while mothers, daughters and sisters are being raped and murdered. They don’t care because it hasn’t hit home to your door step as YET but it will come when criminals don’t fear God, how are they to fear man? The parents of most of these punks raised them with no self respect and self worth. This little country because of greed and prosperity has become a lawless society. I pray God’s continued presence and pray Bahamian people because that’s all you can do. And trust God to remove the stumbling blocks. Bring back the cat-o nine tail and public flogging, hang them as soon as they are found guilty of taken some one’s life. A life for a life and please for God sake REMOVE that prison out of society and put those sick bastards back on one of the furthers Cays the Bahamas have. Let them build their own prison for the ones awaiting the death chambers and have them to grow produce like tomatoes, onions and potatoes, things that the people can use other then depending on these services from abroad. Wake up you old heads in Parliament or better still Bahamas vote all of them out. Put competent person’s there who will carry out and address the Queen regarding the state of affairs in this country. LISTEN PEOPLE, she doesn’t live there and for God sake DO YOU THINK THIS WOMAN CARES? IT’S A MAJORITY BLACK NATION.

  2. what is it going to take for the PM and Tommy to sit down with the community leaders, pastors and citizenry to devise a strategy to deal with this crime problem? This is totally out of control- you in fear for your life, at home, on the road, at church, at events everywhere! We need some new ideas set in motion now- like (1) empower the Defence FOrce to be on the streets with guns patrolling, (2) enlarge the Force with more manpower(3) establish curfews for youths 21 and under, (4)get National Service started, (5) get community service centres open throughout Nassau(you don’t have to call it ‘Urban Redevelopment’). There’s more, but those other ideas will take time. But we need to do something now- I can’t believe the PM has not addressed this issue- this is more important than Bahamar, Parliamentary registration,dredging etc! This affects every Bahamian, moment by moment- if you scared to walk to your car, drive in the night, get to your house, walk down the road- then this crime situation needs to be dealt with NOW! Don’t we all feel the fear for ourselves and our loved ones? We don’t know if we will be the next victims or anyone we know. Prime Minister, what are you going to do about this?

  3. They need to start hanging these people that are doing this foolishness make an example out of them I voted for this Government, you’ll better start doing something about this crime don’t wait until it comes home to u …..blow the dust off that (cat o line tail)down by her majesty’s prison an use it on these loosers who are distroying our country don’t wait until its to late act NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!THIS IS SO SERIOUS

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