Work set to resume at Bahamar any day now and new owner will be named in June!


A new day is headed for Cable Beach and hundreds are set to return to work! And Christie is set for a second term…

Mega Resort set to open and all the contractors will be paid.
Mega Resort set to open and all the contractors will be paid.

Nassau, Bahamas – There is major breaking news coming from the ground at Bahamar that confirms there is great news coming out of Cable Beach.

Our sources, which are deep and wide throughout the country, now, confirm Bahamar is on the road to opening and a projected path is now clear.

Yesterday activity on the property was seen as both Chinese and Bahamian technical teams were on the ground.

BP can confirm that on or before June 29th, 2016 the new owner of the Billion-Dollar project will be announced.

Additionally, according to the Receiver for the property, Mr. Raymond Winder, the EXIM Bank has agreed to finish the property for opening.

This is great news as work has been stalled on the project since last year, tied up in a lengthy series of court battles as former developer Sarkis Dem were removed.

Documents shown to BP confirmed the former developers had collected more than $1 Billion in residential sales and additional funds from lease arrangements from a number of shops and stores but yet paid no one while announcing opening dates in 2015.

Bahamas Press is pleased to announced the EXIM bank told Sarkis Dem to “Carry Dey @#$!” and rejected their offer to return to the property.

Many forget how Sarkis and Crew charged the taxpayers more than $50 million for a 2.5-mile road corridor and could not justify its claim as it fleeced the Bahamian people like wicked gypsies!

We are delighted to hear that hundreds of contractors and Bahamians will be returning to work at Bahamar – but this time under a new buyer. One of the groups bidding on the property includes Sir Sol Kerzner and Disney. Kerzner built the world famous Atlantis on Paradise Island which employed hundreds of Bahamians for the last 20 plus years!

BP projects the rise of Bahamar by Christie will be as like the rising of ATLANTIS by Ingraham and thus Christie shall be secured a second term by the electorate!

We report yinner decide!

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