Workers on Grand Bahama are ‘catchin’ hell and a PLP accountant is part of the problem



An aerial view of the Grand Bahama Yacht Club.

Freeport, Grand Bahama – We have gotten word that the people of Grand Bahama are no longer on their knees nor are they crawling on their bellies. We are now told the people living on that island are being covered under mounds of dirt and are being buried alive.

Bahamas Press finds it indeed shocking and notes that here again is a classic case where Peter isn’t any better than Paul.

We have gotten word that a highranking member of the Progressive Liberal Party is further burying residents on Grand Bahama into the ground. Reports coming from that island tell us another company on Grand Bahama has landed into receivership and staff members are being treated like slaves.

It all began last September, we are told, when the Grand Bahama Yacht Club was placed into receivership and put into the hands of the PLP former senator. We are told it was then when everything began going downhill.
Staff members at the property – we are advisedhave been significantly reduced and persons released have yet to receive full dismissal packages. Most of the employees on property we are told have not been paid for months despite the fact they continue to work at events carried out on property.

Tenants we are advised are still residing at the Club and are paying all their bills. They too are equally upset about the situation.

One tenant told BP, “I do not understand why it is the staff at this club are left out in the cold and are not being paid? We are currently paying the resort our fees and therefore, why is not something paid to them? Something if not everything a month so that they can continue to work and feed their families.”

The situation for workers at the property is getting ugly with many who just cannot afford to work at the resort anymore as bills are mounting.

One irate worker told BP, “People are being evicted from their apartments and homes; banks are foreclosing on them, and yet, that PLP former senator and the management team wants everyone to continue to come to work as normal or face being laid off? Who they think we are, SLAVES?”

BP understands not a drop of this breaking development on Grand Bahama has hit members of the WUTLESS MEDIA. They have hushed the issue while Bahamians stand fired upon by operators of the resort. We are told the little reports given to the issue tell almost nothing about the bad situation at the company.

AAnd therefore, we ask high-ranking members of the PLP, WHY ARE THEY JOINING THE ATTACK AGAINST WORKING CLASS BAHAMIANS ON GRAND BAHAMA? Why is the high-ranking member of the PLP so comfortable with this happening to the workers at The Grand Bahama Yacht Club?

Where is the explanation to the hungry children of these hardworking parents at that property? Why is no one standing up for the struggling families?

“He [The PLP former Senator] promised to come to the island and speak to us but at the last minute, he sends a letter that he won’t make it. This man is so caught up with the PLP and his own political future, he would rather our people here in Grand Bahama suffer,” a distressed worker told BP.

What is this? Who is speaking up for the people of Grand Bahama? Why is no one in the PLP is standing up for the widows and orphans? The FNM has turned its back on ‘FNM Countryand a PLP former senator is part of the problem facing these workers.

Boy we need change eh?


  1. Political operatives of either stripe can’t run crap cept into the ground.cannibalizing Bahamian brains souls and assets for their own profit.Reap what youve sown Bahamians.

  2. As mentioned a Receiver is recommended by a Creditor(s) and is approved by a Supreme Court Judge and operates under the supervision of the Court. What ever the political coloring of the Receiver is of no relevance what so ever. He or She must follow specific guidelines which the Judge overseas. If one disagrees then it begs the question, why not criticize the Judge and well? Must ever thing in our Bahama Land be look at in terms of RED or GOLD? For what it is worth!!!

  3. The Receiver should explain that to the people. Ad advise them of the challenges facing the resort. NOT BE DUCKING DODGING and running away with his receiver fees without saying anything.

    Bahamas Press is concerned with this developing matter and demands an explanation is order.

    Bahamas Press

  4. Just call his name BP – anyone who had any ability to research the local news knows who this is.  The receiver is appointed by the courts, but serves in part for the creditor / lender in this regard.  The problem with receiverships is that there is generally limited or no money for operations, this is a mechanism to prevent waste of an asset while a buyer can be found by the creditor.

  5. No no no Jan you are reading this wrong, the accountant was appointed Receiver by the courts. This means he is charged with the responsibility of running the company which has been taken out of the hands of the company operators.

    Please, Bahamas Press is NOT the place to put on your political blinders and shy away from the issue. People are hurting, they are catching HELL and a former PLP senator is at the centre of this. Don’t force us to have to call his name cause we could do that!

    Bahamas Press/Editor
    PS: HE’s a senior adviser to Christie. let’s don’t go there.

  6. The accountant whether he/she is PLP or FNM is NOT the head of the company and is only taking orders from someone higher up…… So why put ALL the blame on the accountant? ……… The blame lies with the PERSON AT THE TOP . The accountant is JUST an employee like all the others.
    It’s common for foreigners to send Bahamians to do their dirty work, and then leave the Bahamian all alone to take the heat from other Bahamians.

    As for asking the question of why the PLP  (who is currently NOT THE GOVERNMENT) has not come to their”rescue”,  this is totally irrelevant to the issue.

    The people of Grand Bahama rejected the PLP, and got back into bed with the FNM…..THEY MADE THEIR OWN CHOICE….. THEY CHOSE THE FNM.

    Obviously they failed to realize that the green grass they thought they saw on the other side (and voted for) was ONLY green because of the high concentration of manure.


    The FNM asked the people to TRUST them, they PROMISED the world to Bahamians, and now it’s up to them to DELIVER through to 2012 and NOT the PLP.

    So why the WHINING about not being able to see the PLP leadership who they were more than happy to REJECT  just two and a half years ago?

    The people of Grand Bahama should be DEMANDING to see Hubert Ingraham (not Perry Christie) to come to Grand Bahama and give them an explanation for the circumstances they now find themselves in……. After all, it was Hubert Ingraham who reminded everyone that HE WAS THE PRIME MINISTER (Just ask Branville and Brent)


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