World Aids Day 2008 – The African Children's Chior


With some left to sing only the praises of God, Bahamas Press today presents the African Children’s Choir. Africa still suffers as many children are left to raise themselves. Many parents in Africa have become victims of the Aids epidemic. Bahamas Press pauses to join global attention to Aids during this WORLD AIDS DAY 2008.


  1. Correction Media. There are 2 million people living with AIDS in Africa mostly children. The world for the most part has sat by for years ignoring the plight of African children while they died from AIDS. During the years of Apartheid, the South African government flew over hundreds of prostitutes from Europe and North America who were infected with the AIDS virus and gave them to African community leaders while in prison. After their release they returned to their townships and unknowingly passed the virus onto their love ones. There are many more horrible stories I read about what happened in Africa during the years of apartheid. Now Africa has the worlds highest reported and unreported cases of AIDS in the world.

  2. Here fellow bloggers are the real victims of AIDS. Today our prayers are with the thousands of young who are the victim of the AIDS VIRUS.

    They are homeless, with out parents and left to wonder amidst the red dusty streets of Africa. We urge you the people of the world to remember them, the children of Africa, this World Aids Day, Dec. 1st, 2008.

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

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