PLP deputy Leader Philip ‘ BRAVE’ DAVIS a champion in the PLP and the ‘QUIET STORM’ who has cemented PERRY CHRISTIE position as Leader of the PLP.

Nassau, Bahamas — History will show that many times there is a force so powerful but yet unassuming that carries an organization. That person is usually quiet, hardworking and loyal and in this case intellectually brilliant.

For far too many years Philip ‘Brave’ Davis remained in the background, never attempted to force himself in the forefront especially for vanity sake. Often times he was the one working whilst others slept and of course basked in glory and accepted the praise. He raised the funds, came to the rescue of colleagues and provided advice. There were a few who recognized his importance and out of their own insecurities and promoting their own wicked agenda, advanced a campaign of destruction against one of the PLP’s brightest and best.

The onslaught began years ago and heightened when ‘Brave’ finally decided to take his rightful place in the Party. You all saw that stories in the media and the rag sheets Tribune and Punch. Sources well placed in the media say that those lies and distortions came primarily from one person. The publications loves the ‘Quiet Storm’ inside the PLP but oh that devil we call the ‘SNITCH’ cannot stand but use them for his own advancements to the destruction of the PLP.

Just as we warned Christie about Malcolm Adderley, today we WARN you PERRY GLADSTONE CHRISTIE of Obediah SNITCH Wilchcombe! 23531_391934317776_275610207776_3514833_2339075_n

It is truly amazing that some people will do anything to win, absolutely anything. Ironically ‘Brave’ unlike some has stood by the backstabbers and the conspirators, you see real leaders, real people do not abandon and use their friends. They don’t turn on them and run away from them when they need help. They don’t take advantage of people and use them for money and power.

The Elizabeth campaign was a further example of the treachery. There was a small group lead by a disgruntled loser in the deputy Leadership race who did everything to possible sabotage Ryan Pinder’s campaign; to the point that our new MP elect had to move his campaign from Gambier House to save it.

No, Ryan was not the target, Brave was. You see Brave pushed for the bye-election and for Ryan’s nomination. That force, which we will call the ‘O’ force, immediately fought to undermine every possible thing ‘Brave’ or his team did. The goons were called in and they started the shake down for money, they sat in Gambier House and did nothing, but plot. They gave stories to the media on how ‘Brave’ really wanted Ryan to lose so he could challenge Christie and we know Christie is an insecure person. For a campaign that started out the gate first the FNM finally caught up because of this treachery.

The ‘O’ team refused to speak on any public platform in support of Ryan, one of its prominent members who was put in charge of an area, refused to hand in any information so assist on election day. It was amazing to see her speaking Tuesday night or see the Master and his rats at the Court on the day Justices in the Election Court Ruled; when not one single day of the Hearing did they show up.

Tuesday’s night at the PLP rally they tried to shut him out again. Ryan’s victory yesterday was won as a result of legal arguments that the Judges accepted; those arguments were that of ‘Brave’ Davis and his team.

You can’t keep a good man down and no matter what these folks do they will remain LOSERS. They will of course continue to sit and conspire and the leader Christie being weak and insecure will continue to play their little game with them, but Brave will move on knowing that his back is protected and their knives are dull. So continue to plot my brothers and sisters you can’ t keep a good man down.

This is just the beginning of BP’s exposure of the wicked plotters the ‘O’ force, as we will call them! BP will not stop until they are fully exposed to the Bahamian people. And for every story they plant in the press, BP will publish truth!! Take DAT…WAP!!!


  1. Although I am tired of both the PLP and FNM, I am very pleased with the result of the Elizabeth Estate By Election. It just goes to what the devil meant for evil, God could turn it around and make something good come out of it. Malcolm stepped down, because of his deep hatred for Perry and when you do things out of hate, you can’t expect to prosper. I hope Papa and Malcolm learned their lesson and realized that Karma can be a b*tch when she gets ready. Sorry, Dr. Sands had to get tangled up in this mess. He only has Papa and Malcolm to thank for this.

    • Jokes!!! I am the owner of this remark and not BP.  I don’t know if I mistakenly typed in their name, but I apologize for the error.

    • I just remind everyone of the story of Moses when he tried to get Pharoah to let the Jews go as we can see from the attitude of PAPA that he intends to get worse in his treatment of his opponents.Let us withstand this latest onslaught as in the end we win.I aint scared of no ghost.10/10 the Bible 10.

  2. Whereas I am excited for Ryan in his recent victory in Elizabeth, that is now over and done with.  Politics only represents the latin word “POLITIKOS” from which it derived.  Now again we must refocus on the real issues of poverty, unemployment, insane bank interests rates, retraining and educating our people.  Both previous political manefestos promised economic empowerment, an empowerment that has remain yet still a fleeting illusion for many average Bahamians.  What surer standard of measurement of morality and respect for justice can there be, than the behavior of a government towards WE the majority?  Our treatment when measured via the scale of morality measures in very low as we are made painfully aware on a daily basis.  Just look around or even next door, Bahamians are really struggling to maintain.  Therefore, I say to all reading this post, “It is this very lowness that ought to confirm us in our conviction,  that it is indeed our duty as proud Bahamian citizens to both preserve and to consolidate our very own communities.  Over the past 20 years we have seen our country moved from civilized industrial unrest now today to violent, bloody and even deadly riots.  We the Bahamian people, we however must not grid at fate.  Rather, we should look on these series of events, as reasons as to why we must remain true the ideals of our prized Bahamian commonwealth.  We are indeed moving forward, Upward, Onward but surely not TOGETHER.  If we learn to move together, we shall indeed be employing those general human ends which we must always regard as the highest, One People United In Love and In Service.  Real Talk…

  3. Brave Davis did a outstanding job as ACTING leader of the PLP. He deserve the whole post if you ask me. Its funny no later than Monday me and Dr. Strachan was talking about Brave Davis and how he could SHAKE UP the PLP. We both agreed that he had poor speaking skills but hey he had what it takes to be a EFFECTIVE, HONEST LEADER.

  4. i see nothing wrong with the way the rally went.  The leader bought on the heavy hitters – only petty people had a problem.  BJ and Obie was bought on by the leader and they both was in charge of the election.  The chairman didnot speak whats the big deal.  Brave need to release some of those thugs he surrounded himself with.   AMEN

  5. Avid Readers to this column all know that from the beginning I supported Be Brave.My faith in him as proven right as I have popinted out that all Leaders have a very strong Deputy.I saw Brave at the rally and dont think he wanted to speak as he was tired from burning the clock in the Court case.Any slight would have had to have the approval of the Brave one.Brave has brought persons into the forefront of PLP politics and the bye election in Lizzy has cemented his place as Deputy Leader.I think all and sundry in the PLP are now going to step in line behind the Leadership of CDR.By the way Big Brad did not speak either so there is nothing to fear as CDR is here to stay as we march to victory.Brave reminds me of AD Hanna who was the real power behind Sir Lynden.10/10 the BIBLE 10.

  6. BP, you continue to go where few have the testicular fortitude to go!  Everyone here in the PLP knows how them fellas was trying to sabbotage Ryan’s campaign, we know who they are and they will be to account.Brave is a good man.  He works hard, cares for people and with this case has proven once again that he is one of the country’s top legal minds.  Truth always rises to the top no matter how some may try to push it down.  Bahamians are tired of petty partisan politics and are ready to embrace a bold new future.  Be brave and let’s change the Bahamas!

  7. tink we fool..why don’t you guys get off that wicket? generations don’t pass before their time and they do so gradually. All this talk about youth and young and new ideas? that’s what have us in the mess we are in now; young , new, unproven ideas. There are no substitutes for wisdom and experience and sadly, the young lacks both of them.

    • @truth or consequence  this is my opinion: on the other hand of late these young jumped up mealy mouth boys with solomons wisdom absent his understanding  have all the answers.. how did you interpret that as support for this foolish talk Iam the one that said beware of a missick like mistke….I was actually condemning this and look again another clown in the senate pintard….we agree that the old brooms are much better…….I dont sit on fence…..My aim is to stir debate so no I dont support these upstarts read bahamas lets read !!!!!!!! Ill accept you mis read my post

    • @truth or consequence  Iam also my own soldier I dont bow to anyones orders or will as your term ” you guys” implies. I observe and commentate….unlike these young stooges Im not lookin fah no shortcut to success or a platform to espouse tripe

  8. Politics ech Mr Brave davis is a good examole of a patient person not caught up in the trappings of power…..he does what he says….on the other hand of late these young jumped up mealy mouth boys with solomons wisdom absent his understanding  have all the answers..both plp and fnm…the future does not look bright after this class of people pass the banner on to the next generation…….they use superflous tactics playing activist or lawyer all in the hope of gettin in the house to wear suit and feather their nest its really a sad state of affairs….hopefully common sense prevails too many snakes and two faced no altruist realist …lamentations…. 

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