Young Persons going Missing in The Bahamas



Nassau Bahamas – Here is another story hidden by the ‘Deflectors of the Truth,’ the Bahamian media. Missing today is 12 year old Eddinique Shante Albury who was last seen on April 6th around 10AM, Sunday morning. The AF Adderley student is 5ft 8″ and weighs around 110lbs. She has a dark brown complexion with dark brown eyes. Anyone having information to the disappearance of this junior high school student can contact: 361-03o6 or 919 or her family at 434-8480.

What makes this so disturbing is the fact that all week, the media decided to attack an eminently qualified legal mind Rubie Nottage on her appointment to the Supreme Court bench. They have hidden the facts in their pages however on that issue. They do this knowing that scores of criminals are roaming the streets of New Providence lurking to prying on the innocent abducting them to fill their wicked evil desires. Also gone missing this week was the son of Bahamian businessman Frank Hanna, Frank Hanna jr.

A few months back on a Sunday morning thieves gagged, bound, beat and then kidnapped Ted Nesbeth owner of General Brokers & Agents Ltd. This followed by a string of similar type events on several homeowners in the western and eastern districts of New Providence.

On Friday shocking news was heard where doors to a 70 year old man home was kicked down, the elderly man struck to the floor by the gunman and robbed of coins. Crime is sinking The Bahamas into a dark bottomless pit, whilst the media in The Bahamas continues to avoid even addressing the pressing issue of crime in the country. Where the young and very old seem to become victims far too often these days.