Young teen in North Andros attempted to abort an unwanted pregnancy and she died in the end?…


Young persons must seek help before taking such serious matters into their own hands….Parents have a role in this also…

Young Nicholls Town Andros teen found dead in bathroom a few days ago.

Andros – Bahamas Press is still awaiting details of that teen girl found dead in a bathroom in Nicholl’s Town, Andros a few days ago. We have not heard any further updates to this mysterious suspicious death but something must be said about the state of this victim.

We understand the young teen, who had recently graduated, decided to use dangerous and deadly homemade methods to end her unwanted pregnancy. But in her haste and inexperience, she ended her own life in a bathroom in a pool of blood. How sad.

Young people need help in these matters and we wonder who coached the teen and possibly assisted her in this exercise? This is an extremely important exercise.

Young teens, who become pregnant, must learn how to seek support and advice in these circumstances. They must know that these homemade remedies are potentially deadly as in this case.

We report yinner decide!