ZNS is more than a failure to the People of The Bahamas


crime-update<<< Minister with responsibility for ZNS [Broadcasting] Tommy Turnquest.

Nassau, Bahamas — ZNS is a disgrace and continues to deliver a disservice to the people of the Bahamas. We are sick and tired of the MUPPET SHOW business being broadcast by ZNS to this country. Everyday all we see are newscast with people playing around with news rehashing old stale information. Why cannot the public station announce the many incidents now happening in this country?

People are being killed in traffic fatalities and nothing is reported on ZNS. We refer to the incident in Abaco. Convention 2009 is happening and students are calling BP for live feeds, where is ZNS online service? You mean to tell us there’s no one in ZNS who can get ZNS news online with an ability to have it replayed and posted on Youtube or Facebook? News stations in Turks and Caicos can do this and they have no major government funding like a ZNS!

Police are all over shooting/murdering Bahamians around this country and you cannot get a single report on the incidents. And the HOTELS ARE CLOSING with staffs laid off and ZNS is sleeping at the wheel.

Bahamas Press asks, could this be another failure of another ROTTEN EGG in Ingraham’s WUTLESS Cabinet [TOMMY TURNQUEST]? Or are they subjects of LORD BULL at best?



  1. boy I agree that ZNS needs some change… look at it.. all of that money is been paid to Jerome and his elk and no good service…. SMDT…

    BP stay on top of this one you on to something.

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