‘VEE DA ‘ONLY’ PEOPLE’ – The Aristocrats now on the national stage?

We the 'Only' People gathered in Sol Kerzner's Palace.

Paradise Island, Bahamas — From the voices of many, ‘We The People’ is a statement found in declarations all over the world. Somehow this week, the first 30 along with members of civil society, have come together in an attempt to chart a course and rescue the nation.

Everyone agrees the country is headed in the wrong direction. Everyone is determined to Change the Bahamas but no one is willing to say how and why?

Welcoming the community to the promised ‘ACTION MOVEMENT’ was the man who is at the centre of the sale of BTC, Julian Francis. Heading the group is the man who is leading the opposition to Baha Mar’s single-phase development, Ed Fields.

Amidst the special guests list of who’s who was Dame Marguerite Pindling and Former Governor General, Sir Orville Turnquest, Ed’s father-in-law.

The list of special guests mingled with members of the media read like a list crafted by event organizers at Buckingham Palace. On the big screens were all members of affluent Bahamas, people who normally wine and dine together, while we the natives sit on the sidelines.

The pragmatists in the room would all agree WE NEED CHANGE in our Bahamas, but what we found interesting is this, there was no blame. For example, no one suggested why is it CRIME is a such blight in our communities.

As we watched, we wondered had anyone accepted the fact that in almost every school in the Bahamas, there are an infestation of gangs from the Principal down to grade one? Government policies sought to rectify these issues by infiltrating the school with police officers and cushion it with a WORLD CLASS programme of community policing. The innocent attempt here was to weed out the gun totting ganja pushers and warlords in our communities! But some of the very people in the room agreed with the “EMPTY SCATTER BRAIN” decision by Papa to have the project STOP, CANCELLED, AND REVIEWED!

WE ‘Da’ People cannot and will not move an inch forward in the country unless or until they come straight and bold like BP and call the JACKASS by his name! Clean suits, well-choreographed lighting, A-rating PR and beautiful looking people cannot deliver Change in the Bahamas!

The Bahamas needs more TRUTH TELLING ORGANIZATIONS WHO WILL TELL THE WUTLESS POLITICAL LEADERSHIP now sitting at the top of the country to CARRY ‘DEY’ YOU_KNOW_WHAT! We need more organizations to speak truth to power! Someone who ‘ga’ tell the police to stop breaking into the jailhouse to thief public money!

We need more people to start taking pictures of these dope-selling houses and send the intel to BP and the media! We need more concerned parents to stop and talk with their children and ask them why in the hell they carrying knife, bazooka, pistols and warheads into the classrooms.

As long as the Haitian vendors sit on corner of Potter’s Cay Dock, and the ‘Privileged’ Bahamian vendor sit on the next; both watching while another body gets dump into the harbour saying not a damn word; Ain’t nothing ‘ga’ change!

While those vendors turn a blind eye to crime and Ingraham continues to rape the treasury raise the national debt and build a new port for 19 wealthy political benefactors at the expense of the taxpayers, ain’t nothing ‘ga’ change!

And to make matters worse, BP can’t join because no anonymity is allowed in ‘WE DA PEOPLE’ therefore, we as sure as hell know nothing ‘ga’ change!

So like we say, the Haitian one way, the Bahamians another, Bay Street in there special corner and one group now dancing in King Sol Kerzner’s palace “WE ‘DA’ PEOPLE” is truly what we call the Bahamas. We always say this is one damn JUNKANOO Society!



  1. BP, I am not new here…and I have no ill commments towards you b/c I agree with you and your movement…only one problem I have with you is that you need to call the names…

    My comments were directed towards the responders to your column.

    • Well Neil ya know there are some who vehemently oppose to us doing that, in fact, there are those who believe we should be off-line! I don’t know what is the reasons for that but all I know is this, we ga do what we gata do.


  2. I see no positive comments here…what are you all doing about trying solve the problems in our country…are YOU assisting the people on the ground instead of waiting on the Gov’t to do everything for you/us? At least give them a chance, they might actually do some good…better late than never.

    • We assist the ground every day? Don’t you read BP and see how we assist in solving crimes and remove the criminal behaviours festering in the small country? Do you ever read our investigative pieces where we reveal how government officers ‘THIEF’ children money and how we call them by the name? You mussy new to BP eh Neil?


  3. If they are really “WeThe People”why was their 1st meeting held at Atlantis whre the guy from South Beach, Carmichael Road, Yellow Elder, etc. cannot go. A bunch of elite people trying to act like they are really of the people. Get together with other persons who are already on the ground doing good work and assist them. We never think of getting together with each other. We all want our own things. This is time to rally together not be devisive and elitist.

  4. Awakened you are so right. These clowns scared to death that crime will reduce their property value, effect their businesses and like you said “reach their front doors”. The majority of them in that room dont give a dam about the poor or the small man.

  5. I agree with you Sheldon, this man is Tommy T’s brother in law, it shouldn’t be hard for he and his high class friends can get a sit down with the Government’s Cabinet, the Commish and police force, or anyone they want to meet with, why are they hustling $10 from the lil’ man, these guys are jokes, and it seems they only mean well, for the well to do’s, I think they feel like eventually the crime is gonna reach their front doors soon, and they want to keep it at bay, but if only the powers that be(their families and friends), would truly put Bahamians first, there would be a significant turnaround in crime in this country.

  6. The so-called ‘We The People’ need to just throw their support behind the ‘People on the ground’ like Rev. C.B.Moss, Carlos Reid, Eric Fox, Terry Miller, Cynthia ‘mother’ Pratt, Dave Burrows and all of the other people who are intervening on the streets without the kind of resources they really need. Their ‘think tank will not formulate any solutions that these afore mentioned people have not already declared.

  7. When I looked at who the first 30 are, I immediately knew something was wrong. Ed talked about fixing street lights and pot holes. I would love to see him do it with the rest of his millionaire club. And they want people to pay to join when the same $10 could be used to buy a loaf a bread, grits, and milk for da family.

  8. Wouldn’t ya want to know the combined net worth of individuals in that room? Bahamian millionaires abound. Seemed more like just a glorified typical Rotary or Kiwanis Meeting. But hey if they’re using THEIR OWN money to beautify public spaces, paved bad roads, fix traffic lights and whatever else, I have no problem what so ever and couldn’t give a ….., and as long as it coming out of their own pockets, and judging by that room they are some deep pockets, then I’ll even wish him well.

    • we the other people would like to see
      1 accountability in government and private sector
      2 our borders being sealed so we could feel like a country
      3 get to work cleaning the streets in ereas like bain town like you do those clean highways on the outskirts of town
      4 we the other people want the police to crack down on corruption like the land give away on cabke beach dredging on kamalame cay and bell island and also in bimini and other places
      5 we the other poor people would like to see we da rich people who came from where all these crime happening stop please stop playing white and come visit your relatives who are left in these areas because they didnt get rich like you and was able to leave

  9. Some highly priced grass roots princes and princess. There mentality would be to provide you with a four-burner table top stove, but no job to buy the groceries with to cook on it.

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