10 Haitian males surrounded three Bahamians while at sea near Great Inagua yesterday and hijacked their vessel on the water…


INAGUA| Only Bahamas Press is reporting to you this morning how three young Bahamian men went fishing on the south side of Great Inagua on Thursday around 11.00 am when 10 Haitian Nationals boarded their vessel with knives and took off with all their supplies, including their vessel.

BP can confirm the three Bahamians had to swim for hours in dangerous high seas and then walk some five miles into Matthew Town to report the incident to Immigration and the Police.

BP confirms Quinton Smith, Lawrence Henfield and Eddington Burrows Jr. were all victims of this hijacking/robbery at sea.

And, as usual, police has not reported one word to the press. Let that be one Haitian vessel stranded and they would have arrived without notice to rescue. Well, that ain’t strange. According to police, crime is down. We, however, believe crime reporting is down. And sometimes we at BP believe police do be working with criminals.

Anyway, yinner heard it on BP first!

We report yinner decide!