FNMs received their marching orders from Party Leader On Friday



Prime Minister Ingraham addressing FNM campaign last evening at Party HQ, Mackey Street. He admonished workers to campaign vigorously, but with humility and respect for each resident in Elizabeth Constituency and, especially, not to allow the political operatives of the Opposition Party to instigate or provoke any controversy.



  1. Believe what you wish Eagle. If you believe Carl Bethel fine. But we report and you decide. One thing is certain Ingraham was up in Elizabeth cussing residents and he brought his goon squad with him.

    As we said before – we report, you decide. Standby for our Sunday SPECIAL!

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  2. I can’t see any SANE person saying that they like the leadership of HI unless they are benefiting directly from his dictatorial leadership style!! It is impossible for anyone who loves DEMOCRACY to like HI’s leadership style!! That’s just crazy!!

  3. FNMs like to make fun of how many old people are in the PLP but I hope they notice how their followers are now getting old themselves!! The average PLP is 20 years older than the average FNM…

  4. I noticed that dozens of FNM operatives swarmed the homes of voters in Elizabeth all with the intent ti intimidate.i say to you Elizabethans remember the story of Queen Elizabeth I who was challenged by the powerful Armada led by the King of France and she defeated them.Let history repeat itself and do likewise with PAPA and his cohorts.Families of POlicemen Customs and Immigration Officers and Defence Force Officers remember how PAPA did your mother father sister brother cousin friend colleague and vote resoundingly against the dicatator PAPa.Your chance for revenge is here the rest of the country will come shortly.Dont be afraid of the mob mentality that was presented to you yesterday as a chance for redemption is nigh.I wonder if some of them were drunk since there were having a party on Prince Charles drive?Say no to PAPA and the FNM as the Venezuelans did to Chavez.they cannot know how you voted and coming to your homes will be the closest they get to you bcos when you go to the polls only you and God will be there.Any promise they make is only that as they have five members in GB and boy things are tough there.Any Bahamian who has been affected by the policies of this wutless Govt go into Elizabeth and at 10:45 am /p.m honk your car horns ten(10) times so that the country would know that you are tired of life under PAPA and this good for nothing Govt. 

  5. Not true Eagle, Ortland Bodie’s words were that he never said the CJ was riding with HAI, but he did see him riding through Elizabeth, and he wants to know what the CJ was doing there.

  6. He certainly knows about your reporting, but to respond would be to dignify.  You don’t scare me about the the FBI and all that rubbish.  Fact is, last Sunday he was nowhere in Elizabeth, period.  No matter how many times you say it, it still isn’t true.  Ortland Bodie backtracked the following day.  He changed his story. He said he saw the CJ in the area in his private car on “a” Sunday.  This whole story is foolish and in order to salvage some semblance of credibility, you ought to admit it.

  7. So if it was not true, why did the CJ not speak a word of response about it. You want BP to tell you where he was headed when he was out in Elizabeth? Don’t test us Eagle, DON’T. The FBI already made press releases in reference to what we’ve reported.

    You should also know, If it wasn’t true how could Orthland Bodie repeat the same thing we said? That’s amazing hey? But Eagle all we say is this, WE REPORT YOU DECIDE!

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  8. Media (BP), I know you are smarter than that.  That’s why millions read your publications every month.  Millions wouldn’t take the time to read the publication of an idiot.  Really, I don’t have a problem with the bias.  I am bias toward the FNM on political issues.  We are all biased.  But I do have a problem with lies.  Fact is, you fabricated a story out of thin air that the CJ was campaigning with the FNM last Sunday when, in fact, he was nowhere in the area that day.  No matter how you try to spin it, it was simply not true!  ZNS is bias, I give you that. The Tribune is bias, I give you that. But BP is reporting lies and is unwilling to admit the error, and I cry SHAME! 

  9. Bahamas Press is never in the business of  retraction. We get the facts right in the beginning krossova.

    We simply say to you who express strong disaffection with BP judge us against members of the WUTLESS MEDIA.

    ZNS in particular said they are doing specials on candidates, but amazingly with 5 in the race for Elizabeth, they seem to cannot get to interview anyone beyond Dr. Sands the FNM candidate.

    They never told you the reading public he will be in  the race. WE DID and that’s why millions read BP.

    ZNS cameras and reporters were at Dr. Sands’ opening, they in the people house with him, they are at his announcements to the Party councils, but they cannot find the time to attend any of the other 4 candidates events. WHY IS THAT?

    That is what we know as being ‘BIAS’ Eagel.  Though we have ENDORSED RYAN PINDER, we still find the time to publish material from everyone else. That’s being ‘UNBIASED’! There is a difference.

    Bahamas Press/Editor

    Bahamas Press

  10. Good, keep reading then, you should know you make up our 4.8 Million monthly readers. NO publication in the country individually or collectively can boast of having such broad numbers.

    Thanks for reading, Keep Reading, Let’s Change the Bahamas!

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  11. LoL,Eagle you ain easy. But I concur with your sentiments, I thought BP was very irresponsible with that article…

    He has yet to retract it and apologise to the readers and to the C.J.
    That’s how responsible and credible journalist behave, ya know!

  12. Oh I read a number of publications and columns of ill-repute: Tribune and Punch to name just two.  BP is the latest one, though I must admit that you take the cake when it comes to fabrications and dancing around the truth.

  13. We shall assist you in making up your mind Bahamas Youth. Bahamas Press shall publish a special Piece THIS SUNDAY. When you read that piece do make up your mind.


    Bahamas Press/Editor

    • I wouldn’t rely on the veracity of this “special piece” , BahamasYouth.  It’s likely to be as honest and truthful as BP’s sighting of the Chief Justice on the campaign trail last week.   Being biased is acceptable.  Being dishonest is another thing altogether.  The reporting on BP has no credibility whatsoever.

  14. I finally got the opportunity to have a good chat with Dr. Sands. MY decision is very very tough this election period. FOR the Elizabeth constituency I prefer Ryan Pinder because I’m very confident he will do more for this area. However i prefer FNM leadership. Dr. Sands is a very HONEST, OPINIONATED Person and would make a good representative in the house of assembly because he will STAND UP FOR WHAT HE BELIEVE IS RIGHT EVEN IF his party disagrees. EXAMPLE: Health Care Bill which he strongly disagreed. IM really stuck between the lines should I VOTE based upon a good representative in the HOAOR Good Elizabeth representative????????

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