11 families are without homes as Bimini morning fire completely destroyed five structures…


NASSAU| Prime Minister Philip Brave Davis KC MP has arrived on Bimini to begin organizing a response to that massive fire in Porgy Bay.

We understand some 11 families are homeless as a result. PM Davis met with family members affected and confirmed two police mechanics will arrive on Monday to begin repairs to the fire trucks which were inoperable. 

The fire started upstairs in the home of Pastor Oral Ellis. He woke up for a 5 am morning prayer session when he heard loud pops on the second floor. Other members of his family were off the island and he was able to escape the blaze that quickly engulfed his home.

We understand that, even with some four fire trucks on the island, none of them were working.

The government has trained some 8 fire services team members. Where they were at the start of the fire is unknown at this time.

Fire Services are mandated to exercise regular drills to maintain its services in the event of this kind of disaster. What happened in this case in a community with densely packed homes must be investigated.

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