Cable 12 catches 3 ministers in ring of disillusionment


brent-symonette.jpg<<< Brent Symonette lost on immigration policy.

The Interview on the steps of the Cabinet on Tuesday 26th. The Minister are all dillusional and are speaking out of turn. Click to Listen.

Nassau, Bahamas — Last evening  Cable 12 news assignment reporter Candia Dames along with other field journalist from local media houses made inquiry to DPM and Minister of Immigration Brent Symonette regarding the Haitians who had entered the country illegally. In a coward attempt to evade the journalist on assignment, Symonette paced towards the Cabinet office advising the reporters assembled that the Haitians were likely to be released. mccartneybranville

A few minutes later State Minister “Bran” McCartney was caught dead center in the middle of a web of mediocre infedels as he was questioned also about the future status of the illegal immigrants. McCartney herald audaciously that the immigrants would be prosecuted and justice would remedy the matter; but that was his position only after learning from reporters only a few minutes earlier, Minister of Immigration Brent Symonette alluded there was a possibility the immigrants would be released.

A short time later the bereaved PM showed up to the Cabinet Office; remember the PM lost his spiritual advisor during the great quake. Reporters were confident of a definate conclusion on the immigration matter.

hubert-jpgBeing asked the very same question about the future status of the illegal immigrants, an inconsolable Ingraham heralded his reiteration that the Immigrants would be prosecuted like he always said. Reporter Dames interjected the PM and advised, “But um um, Minister Symonette stated that the Haitians are very likely to be released” Ingraham replies, “Well if ya dan ask him vy ya askin me? So you could write what you wrote in that editorial dis morning?…” The PM looked as if a ton a bricks was dropped on his head. He was confused.


  1. sexy T, what school is this and what is your major?  how long have you been at this school?  Do you believe that Frank Smith is brilliant?

  2. Well, let say that I am like Sir. Lynden Pindling I speak the language of the common man. When need to I know how to speak queen’s language. All the language on this website is substandard for most part, I will speak just that.

  3. @sexy tOk, you supposedly have relatives who are politicians and go to $45k per year school where “leaders are produced”…. and all of that don’t amount to a hill of beans.  Just because someone has $45k per year to spend to send you to a supposedly good school doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s money being well spent.  Based on your comments, and your grammar it appears that someone is wasting $45k annually on your “education.”  Besides, even the most expensive and prestigious  universities (like Yale) turn out dummies, who have politicians as relatives and eventually become world leaders (even though they didn’t cut the mustard when it was time to lead).  Case in point:  George W. Bush, 43rd President of the United States!!!

  4. I think this Sexy T person is just a joke on all of us, no one that spends that kind of money on higher education, could be spelling and formulating sentences the way he or she is, whoever is playing this joke needs to stop it, we have got serious matters to address here.

  5. I come from a strong PLP family with 2 MPs and 1 senator, and every one who know Sexy T, know I will tell it like it is. the PLP is very partian. check because you disgree with some one does not mean they are STUIP. I goes to a very well respect school in the US in term of $45,000 per year and leaders (in the US and outside the US) are products from my school. So FutureLeader you are the STUIP one

  6. It was just an ebmarrassment to see the leaders of my party and the Government so disorganized on such a critical and important issue…. No money in the treasury now this…. ” Lord please deliver us from Ingraham”

  7. The contributions to this issue indicate very clearly what our problem is: we look at everyting along partisan political lines and refuse to try to identify what is right and good for OUR country!!!! The foolishness with the handling of the Haitians is NOT good for OUR country and by extension Not good for Bahamians. Right-thinking Bahamians (FNM & PLP) know this!!!

  8. @ sexy T this is not partisan this about transperancy and trust why have they so many different answers to one question? How can we trust them to lead us ? it good you have an avenue to vent ya fustrations though sound like the plp victimise you or didnt come through for you well there are alternatives and sound like you is FNM thats cool fine with that but answer my question why is the chieftan perpendicular to a horizontal point ech hmm

  9. At first I didn’t understand what Papa was doing you know. Now, I could see exactly where he is coming from and why he didn’t want to detain the men and women together at the detention center, Papa know if he put them together in there they are going to multiply. When you look, Papa leave a hundred persons in there and when he returns he meet 200. Yeah, I think Papa better keep them separated, because we don’t know how we are going to provide for the ones what there now.

  10. Sexy T You are very stupid to turn this into a plp vs fnm situation. VERY STUPID!  It is obvious that we have a major problem in this country and that problem is hubert ingraham. We need to rally up march on down to the House Of Assembly and Kick Him Out Of There IMMEDIATELY! This is OUR COUNTRY. We the ppl of The Bahamas MUST NOT stand by and allow that oogly man to contiue BULLYING us around!  And destroying our country in the process.  As for the Haitian situation, We need to LOCK DOWN the southern point of our country. NOTHING should be allowed to pass through without being checked/intercepted.I heard the new man in charge of the defense force put his foot in his mouth on his address on the illegal landing situation. on one hand he says THERE WAS ONLY ONE VESSEL THAT LANDED and on the other hand he said THEM SLOOPS ARE TOO STEALTHY, WE CANNOT DETECT THEM OR SEE THEM… With that being said how the hell does he know how many vessels could have already illegally landed?

  11. Will if it was the Pussycat “Cool PC” Perry, he would appoint a commission while dancing tell the Bahamian people the important of helping Haiti and than after one year the commission will not report its finding, he Pussycat will again appoint another commission to follow up on what the first commission reported. BOI, yall PLP ain’t fear not at all.

    • the thing is ” it is NOT PC”..what is the “confused” Ministers going to do and more importantly, when will they confront the people of the Bahamas and stop their bobbin’ & weavin’…opps..I know, I know..they will have to wait until they get the nod from their “Papa”. just like little children. what a shame.

  12. The most common sense and humane approach, would be to have them stay at Inagua. But alas, it’s not “Papa’s” idea, so, we all will suffer.

    Maybe Candia Dames, would put on her real journalist hat and stop bowing to the whims of the Fnm, with her gutter style reporting against the Plp.

  13. It is quite obvious that the Cabinet has not uyet met to discuss the Haitian situation.Shame on them!Rather than trying to cause mischief the Govt needs to issue a clear statement on the problem and stop making rules as they go.Putting illegals in Fox Hell prison is callous and will certainly draw the ire of the international communities on human rights.My advice to the Govt.would be to setup camps on some of the family Islands and get the assistance of the United Nations in assembling persons to provide security.Having come from the devastation of Haitis earthquake Fox Hell Prison is not ideal for their psyche.Having failed to get the advice of stakeholders the Govt can now atone for their miscalculation and remedy the slight previously given.

    • I don’t know what Papa is going to, but the way they are handling the problem with illegal Haitian immigrants it does not seems as if we are being very compassionate to towards them. Branville McCartney and Jack Thompson came up with a good plan when they were suggesting setting up some tents on Inagua to keep them there, but Papa say he wasn’t for that. Those people already being through a lot, their homes have been destroyed, some of them may have lost family members in the quake and to see and smell all those dead bodies couldn’t have been easy on them either. Now, they have escaped and they are being charged with illegal landing, the men are send to prison, while the women and children are send to the detention center. Why not send everybody to the detention center? I hope Papa would reconsider Jack Thompson and Branville McCartney original plans for dealing with this situation and if he sees where he was wrong, I hope he would make the necessary adjustments.

  14. If they both have low tolerence for Bahamians then I demand they step down and don’t ruin us any further.

  15. I have never been so horrified to see the prime minister and deputy prime minister of the Commonwealth Of The Bahamas’ rude attitude on national tv. Acting  like we were meddling in something we should not be. Now I know where their loyalty lies. Wake up Bahamians and stand up for whats right.

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