What in the hell is going on at BIS?



Nassau, Bahamas – Sharon Turner, the brazen titled, ‘veteran journalist/cub reporter’, is not the only person sitting in Bahamas Information Services (BIS) along with the band of rejects in the country causing trouble. There are others and before we start this second article of ‘What in the hell is going on at BIS?’ We at Bahamas Press want to wish the 80 year old head of the service, Sir Arthur Foulkes, Happy Birthday!

Last week an explosive revelation confirmed that a ‘party of slackers,’ lurk in the information service and are destroying the talents of good professionals who have made a name in the business. The ‘band of rejects’ need nothing more than a good CUT ‘YOU KNOW WHAT’ for their unprofessional style in the service. Sharon Turner is not the only one, she is just one who we believe needs to be put in her place and learn the difference of what is ‘MINE AND THINE’, because it is abundantly clear “They have NO SHAME!”

Another slacker that comes to mind is one GINA GIBBS, a hardcore ‘CRAZY’ on medication Sandilands graduate. We still believe she visits the institution for treatment. What sticks out here at Bahamas Press is that this other reject and former FNM webmaster, does not know what the word “professional” means.

Gibbs was heard loud to the top of her voice, ‘cussing out’ a staff member at the service a few weeks ago. This ‘don’t know her job description’ reject also attacked the veteran photographer Peter Ramsey, during another public row. Gibbs was overheard at the recent CARICOM Conference back in March, where a spell came over her, in the midst of 20 regional country leaders, concluding in a loud tone and using ‘grave profanity’ describing herself as a ‘JUNGLESS’. Again we ask the question what is that? She left a room full of guests stunned!!

Gibbs is another – suppose to be – worker at the service that hardly appears at work, but who cares, ABUSE THE PUBLIC PURSE at the expense of the public, drive the word “professional” into the ground and we all suffer. And all this occurs because some ‘crazy webmaster’ needed a job. Please who ever is in charge of the public service, please transfer Gina Gibbs to work at Sandilands, so the next time she decides to have a short circuit, she would be near medical attention. She is clearly, A NATIONAL EMBARRASSMENT AT BIS! And today a regional spectacle!

Another misfortune as BIS is Human Resource Manager Maria Cleare, better known as “Sticky Fingers”. She is best known for her record at the National Insurance Board. This character hails as the former ‘gal pal’ of a former PLP cabinet minister and now ‘gal pal’ of a current FNM. Cleare has done everything in her power to disturb progress at BIS and today is said to have caused low staff morale levels at the service. She has cause the department to loose good hard workers like current Associated Press global photographer, Tim Aylen to leave the service.

One must however ask the question, HOW DID ‘STICKY FINGERS” get in BIS in the first place? Bahamas Press would like to know. It has been brought to our attention that BIS is spinning out-of-control. And these few persons are said to be at the heart of the matter.

Since director at BIS, Sir Arthur is home convalescing at age 80, and the deputy director, Sharon Turner is foot and toe behind the Prime Minister taking pictures. And the managing director ED Ellis (appointed by the PLP, but confirmed by the FNM) is afraid to make any decision, the department and the whole country as a result is suffering. This is happening because “Jungless” and “Sticky Fingers” have gone out-of-control – harassing staff and making a mess of things. The rest at the top are not doing their JOBS!

As Hubert would say, “Whose the hell is in charge here? Did we not elect a Prime Minister?” What in the hell is going on at BIS?