18-year-old woman receives one of first Davis Government homes in Pinecrest…


Some 47 young Bahamian families are set to become HomeOwners in Pinecrest

PM Philip Davis and Ministers Jobeth Coleby-Davis and Alfred Sears celebrate home ownership.

NASSAU| An 18-year-old woman became one of the first three people to receive a government home under the Davis Administration today, proving lofty goals can be accomplished at any age.

The young entrepreneur was surrounded by proud family members as she received the keys to her brand new three-bedroom, two-bathroom house in Pinecrest Subdivision during a ceremony in the Southern New Providence community this morning.

The new homeowner followed in the footsteps of her mother, who achieved her dream of homeownership at the age of 19.

The proud moment comes months after the “new day” government broke ground on the Pinecrest Subdivision.

47 homes are planned for the first phase and three homes have been completed and turned over to the new owners.

“ A house is so much more than a place to lay your head at night. We know that home ownership has the power to transform lives.

“A house can help a family build economic security. A house can provide the stability needed to promote success in school or at work. And of course a house is, above all, a home, a place for making the memories a family cherishes forever,” according to Prime Minister Philip Brave Davis who presented the keys to the new homeowners.

“The Pinecrest Development, which will comprise 47 homes, is part of a larger strategic plan to provide housing opportunities throughout our country and to spur direct employment through construction activity,” he added.

“It’s truly a pleasure to celebrate this grand opening. To those receiving keys today, I wish for you only great happiness in your new homes. I know you can’t wait for your families to start making new memories,” said Davis.

PM Davis inspires young Bahamians to live the dream of home ownerwhip.