19-year-old Kemp Road resident slashes the throat of his 5-year-old brother killing him dead


Mental problems surrounds tonight’s 109th homicide

Nassau, Bahamas — BREAKING NEWS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW<<< Bahamas Press is reporting that police are at this hour at the scene of another shocking death here in the capital.

Another murder where a 19-year-old elder brother of the victim has slid the throat of his 5-year-old brother.

The incident is indeed shocking and sparks growing concerns as to the rising incidents of mental disorder in our society.

We can report detectives are right now at the scene of the incident, which unfolded just off Strachan’s Alley in Kemp Road shortly after 7pm tonight.

The scene is bloody and from all accounts sad.

Preliminary investigations confirm both brothers were in the family home in the area, when the horrific incident occurred. Police is now questioning the elder brother as homicide detectives move into the crime scene.

We can tell you there is anger and tears being felt by the community tonight as the investigation unfolds.

Sad- really sad – only five days before Christmas.

Homicide count now stands at 109.

We report yinner decide!