Hubert Kicks Council In Line and Cancels Convention


Ingraham enteres Convention 2010

Statement by FNM Chairman Carl Bethel:

THE CHAIRMAN: I wish to advise the general public that the Central Council of the Free National Movement voted unanimously to hold the next National Convention of the Party in 2011, at a date to be determined by the Party.

The decision is in accord with the Party’s constitution which stipulates, by Article 49, that the National Convention must be held at least every two years.

The Party held a successful convention last year which highlighted the many accomplishments of the FNM in what, at the time, was approximately two and a half years in office. We will meet again next year with even more of our trust agenda accomplished.

As the economy continues to steadily improve, the party is committed to demonstrating financial restraint in the stewardship of the country. In that spirit, we have decided to do likewise, carefully managing the party’s resources in the remainder of this term in office.

To continue the process of dialogue and consultation with the entire party, including Constituency Associations, officers and councilors, the party will convene smaller gatherings prior to the next convention.

I encourage FNMs to remind others of the many accomplishments of our party in such a short period of time. From the protection of Bahamian interests at home and abroad, to the new prescription drug benefit, to the most expansive infrastructural investment programme in Bahamian history, we have shown what trust looks like in action.

The Free National Movement lives by the creed: Actions speak louder than words! We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk!

More of our accomplishments and plans for an even better Bahamas can be found at the party’s website , which is updated on a regular basis.

I thank FNMs everywhere, including party officers and others, for their continued hard work throughout our beloved Bahamas.



  1. @ charles – it seems what we are faced with now is choosing the lesser of the two evils – at least Perry & Bradley are Bahamians who are much more entitled to own this country than the communist chinese are. The Chinese will take over under Hubert because the Bahamar project is bound to fail and the Chinese will then own the land. Question: has our government EVER stepped forward to guarantee loans for BAHAMIANS trying to invest in our Bahamaland???

  2. will we give the country back to bradley and perry? boy uyou think it bad now, just watch and see, the gang culture will flourish even more, because the PLP wont be able to deliver any promises made during the next elections. They are busy building up their own wealth for family and close friends…the hell with everybody else

  3. It’s clear that it’s time for Hubert Ingraham to go. How much longer can we allow this maniac to look us in the face and lie to us. He brazenly lied to the nation when he said there was not “one shred of evidence” that the barefoot bandit committed any offences in the Bahamas!!!Did he conveniently forget that that criminal stole Bahamians’ boats and computers, broke into the homes of Bahamians and not to mention had an unlicensed firearm in his possession when he was caught after the high-speed chase with our bahamian police?? Problem with Hubert is “white is always right”! But to have the unmitigated gall to tell the country the bandit ommitted no crime in the Bahamas confirms that Hubert has lost his flippin’ mind!! It is TIME for him to GO!! If only Tommy & crew had the balls to stand up to Hubert…..

  4. pretty boy smile an plenty talk, chasing Haitians is not enough to lead a party or a country…i will take my chances with RODNEY MONCUR first..he is the only true ACTION HERO i know of. Barn needs more maturity, “KEEP IT REAL”

  5. BP stop backing a bunch of loosers….you on a loosing streak…..Lil Belinda den cut your behind imagine what Papa gon do to you….Cuz Papa gat his “HATER BLOCKERS ON”! BRAN EIN READY!

  6. This is all BULLS**T Carl Bethel; all of what you are saying BULLS**T. Ingraham boasted at the end of your last year’s convention that, “we will be right here next year” What has happened to, “I say what I mean and mean what I say”? The question of sec.49 of the party’s constitution wasn’t an issue when Ingraham boasted of having a conclave this year. Scared of Bran McCartney, is he?

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