Technician Store Burnt to the Ground in Bimini



The two story technician store burnt to the ground in Bimini Monday night.

Bailey Town, Bimini – The technician store of Mr. Caster Rolle on the island of Bimini was attacked by a fire that occurred through the late hours of Monday night.

Aroused by this incident natives of the island of Bimini gathered to the scene in watch of men both young an old work together to dispatch the flame that so briskly lit the skies of the island.

Faces of worried men an women watch as the blaze grew, worried neighbors stood in concern because of the closeness of the houses, if not for the help of The Bimini Fire Volunteers, who saved roughly eight to nine homes despite their difficulties as a result of lack of a fire hydrant in the area.

Residents worked consistently using only buckets as a source to gather water. Never the less with great cooperation and consistence the blaze was set to rest and the island of Bimini was once again at peace.

The cause of this fire is at this moment unknown and is under high investigation.

Below are scenes of the the fire on Monday night.