Man gunned down is murder victim number twenty-seven

Ellison Greenslade, Vinette Graham-Allen, Tommy Turnquest and John Dalaney...HOUSTON WE GAT A PROBLEM!!!

Hubert 'Papa' Ingraham has lost teh war on crime.

Rolando Smith is murder victim number twenty seven…

Nassau, Bahamas — We now have another murder in the capital just hours following murder #26.

We can confirm that at this hour police sources are investigating murder #27.

The victim, who was 24 years old, was seen running in the area of Ridgeland Park where he resided. We are told a gunman sprayed bullets from a high-powered war-type weapon on the victim earlier today, fatally hitting him in the midsection and in the upper body.

The victim we can report is Rolando Smith. he was known to authorities we are told as was recently released on bail.

Sources investigating this latest murder tell us the incident may have originated from an altercation which erupted sometime hours earlier near the Sugar Kid Bowe Street area off Soldier Road.

It was there where a vicious stabbing had taken place leaving one Wilfred Johnson of Elizabeth Estates to be rushed to hospital.

Johnson is 26-years-old.

Tommy Turnquest is being branded as the worst minister of national security ever, and, by extension, Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham as being toothless and spineless when it comes to tackling crime.

International journalists are branding the Bahamas as “the pit of hell” when it comes to the mayhem and violence rocking the country.

The streets of the capital are becoming deadlier by the minute with no end to the rising blood tide.

Something has gone wrong in the country!

We report Yinner decide!