Three Blind Mice…


ministers-1-copy-copy<<< Carl Bethel (left) Zhivargo Laing (center) Tommy Turnquest (right).

Nassau, Bahamas – We here at BP, in our second year of operation are appalled at the level of skill sets and knowledge of the people sitting on our behalf in the Mugabe Led Cabinet. We are disgusted with the “Mongrels” that sit at the table and make life and death decisions in the name of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. We have never seen such a “rotten bunch of Eggheads” in our time. We are in a sad period in our in  National Development. We have “three blind Mice” in key Ministries that affect our daily lives and they do not have a clue. These three are: Vargo Laing, OAT Tommy Turnquest and Carl ” Undernourished” Bethel. We will take them in order.

Vargo Laing– that is the pet name that Mugabe has for him, in fact he is a “Mini Me”. He has taken on the characteristics of Mugabe- Ingraham. Vargo, this is not cute, Mugabe is uncouth, vile, repulsive and ignorant. This is not a person to emulate.doctor_ingraham

This “Mini Me” who is the Min of State for finance is so naive that if he had two thoughts in his head that were his, he would be the genius in his family for the next five decades. He said two years ago that we were not in a recession when the world was in a recession.

The important point we want to make here is the way he in particular and the Govt in general has been handling the OECD matter and the Grey Listing of the Bahamas. He has been dragging his feet and the Bahamas cannot seem to find six Countries to sign tax agreements with to get off the grey list. Well, BNP Paribas, a large French Bank has decided to pull up stakes and leave the Bahamas because of the grey listing and the Govt’s slow response.

High paying jobs will be lost and the Spanish banks are right behind ready to pull out. Vargo, get your head out of Hubert’s Butt and do something, anything in fact, even leaving and going back to the church would be better than what you are doing now.Please go and sell your Mona Vie.

OAT Thompson Turnquest–

MY my, what a sorry state to be in, Tommy does not seem to be in this world but has passed on to the next. We watched him yesterday on the news and clueless is to kind a word too describe him. He is spaced out. We said here previously that a fish rots from the head. We said this about Tommy and the COP. THEY BOTH MUST GO in order for law and order to prevail in our land. They are devoid of ideas. Their solution to crime is to stop the crab vendors and phone vendors, while they let Real Criminals out on bail.

Tommy said the the schools do not need policing because the Principals and teachers can take care of the situation, well blow me down. Most of the teachers are females, these students can beat up the entire staff. Tommy and Ferguson, get a grip on reality, take your head from between your legs and GO.

Now we save the best for last. Our dear Brother Carl, please demold your head and get with it. This is the man who said in Parliament that the Children were being “Buggered” because they were hungry. We do not know what you been smoking, but even if the Therapist said this to you, you should not say this in public. Shame on you. This is dereliction of duty on you and the Social Services Ministry. What happened to the School Lunch Programme?.

You cannot get the schools opened on time, you do not have sufficient teachers and you have Molesters on the payroll. Please go Brother Carl, spare us your continued presence.

Where is Birbal anyway, Minister? Your son could get ” heads” at school and nothing happened to him, no wonder Birbal could get away with what he did. We will revisit Birbal at another time Minister.

We will now put out a challenge to the other Wutless Ministers and put them on notice that we are coming after them and will expose them. Also, in the interest of fairness, we will highlight the Ministers that are working and making a difference, which is very difficult to do in a Mugabe led Govt.

We are so concerned for the Country, that we feel that these three blind Mice must go  and go now.




  1. The greatest threat to the sovernty of the Bahamas is illegal migrants from Haiti arrive by sailboat. Someone needs to explain to the Bahamas Government, that a defence force presence in Mayaguana and Inagua with light airgraft survailance flights flown in a tri-angle between these Islands and the coast of Haiti will make it impossible for any boats to sneak through undetected. Exactly what are the defence force doing piled up in coral harbour anyway? Defending what? The FNM and PLP are in no way serious about the Bahamas or the average Bahamian. It’s way past time for the Bahamas and Bahamians to take our Country back from these two Junkanoo groups and chart another course using common sense as guidlines. ENOUGH LAWYER TALK & HOGWASH!!!

  2. For a country that supposed to have tourism as it,s # 1 priority. Can someone please tell me what Pindling, Ingraham and Christie has done in 40+ years to improve the Bahamas as a resort destination. The forts are a national disgrace instead of being income producers as those in Cuba, Bermuda and St. Petersberg Florida, the water tower and queens staircase are no better and Black Beards Tower hasn’t had any maintainence since Edward Teach himself was here! Lets face it…the Bahamas has been and is being led by “LAWYERS” that know absolutley nothing about tourism or running the Country as a business! All lawyers are good at is wasting time, taking money and talking nonsense

  3. Bahamians are very slow learners. The Bahamas has been going nowhere for 40+ years. Communist Cuba under U.S. embargo and Turks an Caicos, a once out Island, have both surpassed the Bahamas in every sense while Bahamians were all worshiping Messres Pindling, Ingraham and Christie. I refer to these three as the top Junkanoo leaders of the Bahamas. All three are to blaim for being visionless, clueless and downright dishonest to the people of the Bahamas.

  4. Y’all have to hand it to Tommy though, he really is an expert at announcing the House lunch break. I mean One o’clock on the dot! I be at work and he makes me want to go to lunch too! Even if I already been to lunch. Crime may be out of control, but the House lunch is on time.

  5. Don’t waste your time calling these people names. Show them up by exposing their incompetence and duplicity and your audience and the general public will do the name calling for you.

  6. All of these men are in the cabinet specifically because thy are assholes and crooks as a refelection of their oss who appointed them. To expect any different from them is the folly. The press, BP included has the opportunity to ask these men and their boss probing questions at every opportunity. In person, by email, by whatever means and then followup on their responses or lack thereof. If they fail to respond then you show them that they have left themselves open to all interpretations including the worst possible. You have power, don’t complain if you fail to use it.

  7. @Thomas Finley
    Well watch his contribution when they replay it. You will see for yourself. I do not support PC, but he was masterful. I need to call Minnis to see if he gat stool in he pants. The beating was severe.

  8. I heard the debate when Charles Maynard was speaking before the lunch break. What PC say that sweet you so? All I know is he was called the MASTER of all things petty and vacuous by one of his own Lieutenants….

  9. @Altec
    We see that today with the level of debate in Parliament. Kool PC had Dr. Minnis and Tommy Tucker in school about an hour ago. I felt the pain for them. PC was the master with these two wayward boys. Brilliant, I said.

  10. These three mice along with along with Brent, Dieon, Phenton and i have to add Vincent Vanderpool Wallace have reached their limits in politics.

    Tommy and Brent will never be called Prime Minister.

    I have said it before and i will say it again, the FNM has no quality leaders that has national appeal. When HAI retires, that party is going back into the wilderness.

  11. Mr.Laing once said that GOD told him to FORSAKE politics then mr.Ingraham came and told him to IGNORE GOD and become a candidate for the FNM in the 2007 election.Well,look what has happened to mr.Laing due to his FAILURE to follow an ORDER from GOD.First there was the MONAVIE SCANDAL,then the CLICO bankrupcy.Some 74 million American dollars VANISHED out of Clico’s coffers and ended up in the USA,all this was SUPPOSELY done without the knowledge and approval of the CENTRAL BANK and the REGISTRAR OF INSURANCE.All of these crimes were committed by Clico and today NO ONE HAS BEEN CRIMINALLY CHARGED.Thirldly,the Bahamas has entered its worse recession since the great depression.Fourthly,this is the most money the Bahamas has BORROWED EVER.Finally,the government is finding it hard to get a decent price to privatise BTC.I suggest mr.Laing get his BIBLE AND READ THE STORY OF JONAH.

  12. BP, what is the status of Birbal?.Is he still being held in Newyork?. I am hearing that he may have been released as the Bah Govt may have thought that the extradition expenses were too high to bring him back. Please check your international sources. Thanks.

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