80th homicide victim on Wednesday afternoon is a man who has been charged with some four murders in the country who was released on bail!

Edurdo Carey, 42, becomes the country’s 80th homicide victim.

NASSAU| Bahamas Press has now confirmed the identity of the 80th homicide victim for the year.

Eduardo Carey, 42, a man who was recently released from prison and was charged in at least four murders in the country and released into the “killing fields” this afternoon was hunted down like an animal and shot 17 times about the body in violent fashion with a high powered AK-47 rifle.

His cold killers with all the millions invested; in drones, CCTV and a $1.9 SPOT-SHOTTER system vanished in thin air like Houdini in broad daylight in front of scores of onlookers in corners around the crime scene.

The violent incident unfolded on Quintine Alley, just off Wulff Road. Carey was left dead in a pool of water as heavy rains came down soaking his motionless body this afternoon. WHAT A TIME!

In October 2019 Carey was accused and charged for the murder of Anthony Wright.

He was also charged on December 15, 2018 in connection with the murder of Ryan Butler and the August 25, 2019 murder of Justin Davis. He was known to the police.

Today Carey is a murdered victim – Living by the sword(gun) and dying by it. WHAT IS THIS?!

How Carey got bail on murder is still the great mystery unknown.

But we ga continue to report while yinner decide!