WUTLESS ‘Mugabe’ Ingraham Led Government Taking People Wealth



Nassau, Bahamas – We’ve read in one of the Dailies that Lord Michael Ashcroft, the “Pirate” of Belize and the TCI, the largest donor to the British Conservative Party, has been invited to purchase the Grand Bahama Port Authority and may be one of the players for BTC. Well blow us down! The Government of Belize recently by an Act of Parliament, had to take back the phone company from him. Belize Prime Minister Dean Barrow laid a severe blow on Aschroft like any national leader would in defense of his people. Barrow in his communication to Parliament reminded us of the LATE GREAT SIR LYNDEN PINDLING who defended the rights of the common man and protected the assets of the people. CLICK TO READ HERE: https://www.bahamaspress.com/?s=Belize

Aschroft, we now know, had intentions to sneak his way into The Bahamas via the purchase of Ansbacher Bank. The deal was stopped by the Central Bank, which had sense to not let him in the country.

However, this WUTLESS ‘Mugabe’ Ingraham led Government is all over the Country taking peoples land, why not take the Port in the public’s Interest? We also hope that this modern day Bandido is not one of the companies vying for BTC. It is very important that the Bahamian Government retain a 51% stake in BTC. This was the PLP’S plan but alas Mugabe wants to retain 49% and give up control of the Board. Why did he not do this with Bank of The Bahamas?

We will be watching ‘Mugabe’ Ingraham and the Haywards in Freeport very closely. While the Chinese are bad, Lord Michael Ashcroft is far worse. We say to Mugabe Ingraham, to be “forewarned is to be forearmed”.

We reprint an article from the Independent a British publication, which tell us some additional story concerning the Bandido, Lord Michael Ashcroft! CLICK to Read: http://www.tcijournal.com/index.php?id=8&idsub=1993


  1. Lord ashcroft in hot water now for political donations to the liberal democrats he financed them to the tune of 2.4 million £ problem was he is not a resident he is a non-domicile as they say. BP start the investigation you may be suprised if it is true he sniffing round our shores this is intresting very intresting…….whats going on with freeport council what amazes me is that for a place said to be fnm country dey sure does catch hell down there fred smith as the deed poll granted him and now Qc as H.a.i. bestowed seem only to fight foreign and political battles why is it that the bahamas cant look out for there own be they of dark or light hue our own

  2. BP, I read the contribution of the Hon. Dean Barrow, do you think Hubert can write a speech like that and used the kind of language?. Do you think Mugabe would protect our interest like that?. I think not, just look at the deal he gave Cable Bahamas, it was a disgrace. He called Booby Symonette “Greedy”, but look what he is now doing for Bay Street–a new dock, new broadwalk to replace nasty Bay Street and all kinds of concessions. Uncle Tom for sure. I cry Shame on Mugabe Ingraham.

  3. BP, I see in the article in the Independent, it mentions a Trust called the Hayward Charitable Trust as claiming to own 70% of Telemedia in Belize. Do you think that there is a link between Jack Hayward and Michael Ashcroft?.

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