A Big ‘Poofter’ May Clinch the FNM Nomination from a Woman  

FNMs in St. Thomas More are set to support a BIG 'POOFTER' in the next election.


Nassau, Bahamas — A Big ‘Poofter’ in the Free National Movement may finally beat out a woman candidate for the St. Thomas More Constituency.

Residents in the area got weary with the woman candidate, who initially offered for the constituency, however, we understand she has dropped out of the race because of bad media and home troubles.

Carl Bethel
, the soon to be Outgoing Chairman of the FNM, also wanted the seat, but from his public pronouncements, he is willing to take the CUT_YINNER_ KNOW WHAT from Hope Strachan.

The big ‘Poofter’, we are told is worshipping Papa like a monk, and was been instructed to go into the St. Thomas More constituency for the time being.

Now get this, the FNM must be getting more and more desperate by the day by putting the ‘poofter’ in the community; hopelessly scrapping at the bottom of the barrel.

The potential candidate has ties two peasant looking PLPs, who are in a fight to see Christie, Davis and Roberts not returned to governance. In fact, we are told, their plan is to damage the relationship between Christie, Davis and Roberts so that the big ‘Poofter’s’ political buddy, ‘Da SNITCH’ , someday is elected of Leader the Party. Now that’s a dream!

Sources deep in the media tell us, the ‘Poofter’ and his best friend have been working closely with the daily dinos to attack the PLP’s version of the CDR; dropping all manner of articles to display some disunity among the team and form discord among the upper echelons of the Party.

Lately the pair [‘Poofter’ and Da Snitch], along with a known political mercenary writer – WHO IS ALSO A ‘POOFTER’ by nature – is working for the potential candidate in St. Thomas More. They together have planted a series of articles in the papers about Christie and Davis. Additionally, the ‘poofter’ and his best friend have planted articles highlight a feud between Mrs. Christie and Mrs. Davis.

The move we know is the brainchild of the mercenary, who is known to operate in this manner.

BP wonders, however, how low will the FNM go to select such a Wutless G-string wearing loser, who has now dropped his prostitution panties at a price below a gallon of Texaco fuel. How could they cooked up such nightmare for the good decent people of St. Thomas More?

The people of St. Thomas More do not want a big ‘Poofter’ and woman beater representing them in the Parliament. They don’t want a potbelly g-string wearing, cowardice to speak for them in the House. They don’t want a male political hooker who would sleep with them today, and tomorrow gets up in another bed, and say he represents them in the Lower Chamber. They don’t want an MP who does bring shame and scandal; fight women and abandon children! They definitely don’t want an MP who does take public money and refuse to open a constituency office! SMT! Look how low the FNM has gone!!!

Bahamas Press has called for the SIB files logged on the Big ‘Poofter’ and we ‘ga’ show him when ‘ya’ want represent people, make sure pants on.




  1. BP they jsut flew my cousin into freeport form abaco after diagnosing him with the symptoms of dengue fever.. I am heading to the Rand as we speak.. can you folow up on this on the ground in abaco please..

  2. BP St Thomas More waiting on that party switching big “poofter”. Some of the people in St Thomas More be poor but they aint stupid …..we ga give him a double cut hip, One for the people he betrayed in ********* and one for comming in this PLP area !!

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