A BP NEWS ALERT: City Markets To Be Sold?


Bahamas Press has been advised at this hour that City Markets may have been sold to the Abaco Markets Group.

The Abaco Market Group is lead by Craig Symonette and operates both Solomon’s and Cost Right.

BP is further advised two of the City Markets stores may be closed in the restructuring.

Staff levels we are told may not be affected in the transition, however, news of the possible sales comes on the heal of some shocking news in the Hotel sector.


  1. How could they allow this company to sell and not tell the staff what is going on, It’s ashame how they are treating poor dedicate staff who would bend over to accomadate them.Have u been in any of the stores lately, they don’t even have grocery on the shelf because of poor management. Wholesalers are complaining, they need to stick together to get what belongs to them

  2. City markets in Grand Bahama has already been sold (at minimum the leases on their current location – for the traffic). The 8 Mile Rock Store for sure and the downtown is being considered by another group. Only the Port lucaya location has no consideration. Abaco Markets already has multiple locations in GB so their interest in the GB locations was not that high.

    Heard them on Bodie a couple of times saying they are not for sale, while at the mean time trying to drive traffic to its locations that Abaco Markets were really interested in keeping open, I guess.

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